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5 Best Army Duty Stations

This video, I am breaking down the top five duty stations in the United States Army. What’s up, friends? I am US Army veteran Christopher Khaos. In this video, I thought I’d break down, in my opinion, the top five installations that you could be stationed at while serving in the US Army. Now, just keep in mind, they are, my opinion, of what I feel like are the five top ones. You may feel that there are different ones that should be the top five, but first, let me just explain why I feel like these are the ones that belong in the top five. Now, in my army career, I’ve only been stationed at three different posts. First one being Fort Rayla, Kansas. Second one being the Joint Security Area in Korea. And the third one being Fort Carson, Colorado. But during my army career, I have talked to many, many soldiers about all the cool places they’ve been. Also working with the military, I’ve talked to a lot of veterans and retired army personnel talking about duty stations they have been stationed at. So really, most of this comes from just experiences that people have shared with me about good times that they have had at different duty locations and places that they’ve loved being stationed at.

This could be potentially helpful to someone who is thinking about joining the US Army and is wondering what places they should try to request. Now, often when you first come in the army and you’re requesting duty locations, you don’t often get them. But maybe later in your army career, you can reenlist and go to one of these cool places. Now, keep in mind that these are pretty much based off of the location of the post and some of the surrounding areas and things to do on free time and the weather and all that stuff. It changes so much as far as whether you have a good unit or a bad unit. So some people may differ and say that, Oh, I hated this location because the unit was horrible, where other people may say that, Oh, it was the best unit I’ve ever had. So most of this is really just based off of the location of the installation and what is in the surrounding area. So let’s get this started and we’re going to start with number five. Number five is at the bottom of the list because it’s a toss up as to if it should even be on the top five or not.

So number five is Schollfield Barracks, Hawaii. Now, I mean, it’s in Hawaii, so you have beaches, you have volcanoes, you’ve got all sorts of tourist sites that you can check out. The weather is great, which also brings up the topic of why it’s at the bottom of the list and an iffie for some people, whether or not it should be even on the list at all. Now, for a lot of people I’ve talked to, they said they loved being in Hawaii. They said they had so much fun going around checking out the sites. But within about a couple of months, you’ve pretty much seen everything. And some people even said they, after a while, started to go crazy being stuck on the island for however long they were stationed there for. And then also because the weather is so great, there’s a lot of people I’ve talked to that said that it allowed them to go to the field a lot. So a lot of times they were in the field because the weather was great, so it was very easy to go do training. So that was a little bit mixed. Some people said they loved it.

They loved going to the beaches. They loved checking out the sites. And some people said that they were in the field a lot and didn’t really get a chance to enjoy all that stuff as much. Now, Schollfield Barracks is actually located near Honolulu, so you have a lot of cool touristy stuff if you were into that to go check out if you do happen to get stationed there. But now from that, let’s move on to number 4. And coming in at number 4 on my list is Yangsan, Korea. Yongsan is located inside the city of Seoul. It is actually like the headquarters army post in Korea. There’s been a lot of downsizing in Korea, a lot of other posts closing down, but Yongsan is still one of the ones that remain. It’s one of the big main installations that they utilize. Now, when I was stationed in Korea, I was stationed up on the border at the DMZ at Camp Bonifist, so I was really restricted what I could do. But when I did have some free time, Yongsan was the go to place to go. And that was mainly because of its location. I mean, it’s right there in seoul, so there’s a lot of entertainment to do inside of seoul.

Plus I even remember that on the Yongsan base, there was this dragon hill Lodge Hotel. It was really nice and very cheap for soldiers. But also Yongsan is very centrally located in Korea. So whether you want to go check out other nearby cities down south or down north, it’s really easy to get to those because of the central location. But if you really just want to stick to Seoul, it’s a very big city, it’s huge. And they have a lot of transit. They have subways and busses that once you learn the system, it is confusing at first, but once you start to learn it, it’s pretty easy to get around the town. Now, this may not be that great of a spot for very long as they actually wanted to relocate Yangsan. Like I said, Yangsan is right inside of the city of soul, and they actually want to move it outside of soul by about, I think, 55 miles. They’ve been planning to do this for a while. They were supposed to do it, I think, back in 2012, but that’s been pushed now to 2019. So by 2019 and after, it may not be as great of a location, but I would think that maybe because of its central location in Korea in general, it could be pretty great.

And of course, given some of the things going on with North Korea right now, it could even not even be on your list if you’re not interested in being in that area if something was to arise with North Korea. But putting that to a side, it’s a pretty cool place to be. From there, we move on to number three on the list. And coming in at that number three spot is joint base Elmendorf Richardson, Alaska. Now me personally, I hate the cold, so the cold part would really suck. But I guess if you can get past the cold, there are some pretty amazing sites to see in Alaska. There’s a lot of outdoors stuff and cool wildlife to check out. And that installation is actually located inside of Anchorage, Alaska, which is the largest city in Alaska. So you’ve got a lot of entertainment right there at your doorstep to go check out. The wintertime would be weird because it’s so dark for so long. But the summers, I think, would be pretty cool because I believe it’s something like 19 hours of daylight during the summer in the Anchorage, Alaska area. So I think that’d be fun to be able to not have to worry about the sun going down and go out and have fun and enjoy the sites even until late at night.

So like I said, if you can get past the cold, it’s pretty amazing sites to see in that area. So next up, we move to number two on the list. Now, really, number two and number one could easily be flip flopped, and I wouldn’t really even mind and probably a lot of other people wouldn’t mind. But I think that I’m going to go with this version of number one. Number two. So at number two is Fort Carson, Colorado. And that was actually my last duty station. I loved it so much in that area that I stayed. I stayed in the nearby city, which is just outside of Fort Carson, Colorado Springs. Colorado Springs is the second largest city in Colorado, so it’s very nice to be able to go out and do stuff and not have all the crazy traffic like you get in the largest city in Colorado, which is Denver. But Colorado Springs has beautiful views. There’s so much to do as far as in the city if you want to do entertainment, as well as outside the city. If you want to go hiking, if you want to go fishing, if you want to go hunting, it’s all really close by to go and do.

Along with that, Denver is only 45 minutes away. So if you’re into any major sporting event, football, basketball, baseball, all those sporting events are right there in Denver. You have the Broncos, the Avalanche, the Rockies, the Nuggets. And even if those aren’t your teams, they’re probably going to play your team at some point in time. So you can probably still check out a cool game. But it only takes 45 minutes to get up there and you can check out all the sites inside Denver and then shoot back down to Colorado Springs, back down to Fort Carson. And even if you want to shoot down south, there’s still a lot of open space to go check out some of the deserty areas of Colorado as well as more hiking and more cool sites to check out. So because of the availability for entertainment and outdoors stuff, I really liked Fort Carson, so that’s why I put it number two on the list. But we got to move on up to number one. Coming in at number 1, the best place, in my opinion, to get stationed while serving in the United States Army is going to be Germany.

Now, notice I didn’t specify which post in Germany. That’s because it really doesn’t matter. Germany is a very fun, cool place to be. I have been there as a tourist and I have talked to a lot of people that have been stationed in Germany. A lot of those people, after getting out of the army, want to want to go back and just live in Germany as a civilian. That’s how much they like that area. But even as a soldier, there is just so many sites that you can check out within Germany. Before I was in the army and I was just there as a tourist, it was really cool checking out the castles and some of the history that is there inside of Germany. Beyond that, there is festivals and just so many different types of foods that you can try. But I think the number one reason why I feel like Germany is at the top of that list is the availability to travel to other countries. A lot of people that I talked to, they said it was just so easy to jump on a train, head on over to France, or head on over to Switzerland.

Some of those may require a four day pass, which if you want to know more about time off in the army, I have a video that you can check out that I’ll leave a link to down in the description. But if you do it the right way, you can check out so many different countries while you’re stationed in Germany. And I think that is really cool because from one duty station, you get the opportunity to say that you’ve been to this country and that country and all these different countries and experience all these different cultures just from that one duty station. And that is why I feel like Germany, any installation in Germany, is at number one on my list. So there you go. That is my top five. You may agree with it and you may disagree with it. If you are thinking about joining the army or about to join the army, what installation interests you the most? And if you are currently in the army or an army veteran, let me know in the comments what your favorite duty station was. Also, additionally, if you are interested in supporting the channel and maybe picking up some sweet chaos merchandise like this cool chaos T shirt here or a mug or a hoodie or anything else, you can visit Christopher chaos.

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