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Platoon Names | Cool Names for 2023

Hi soldiers, Welcome to my post titled “Cool Army Platoon Names.” Today’s post aims to teach you the importance of developing a platoon name and how to do it. In addition, I want you to know more about picking the right platoon name for your platoon. 

What are the benefits of having an Army platoon name?

Naming a platoon or any unit in the army has a few benefits. 

  • It helps boost morale.
  • It gives soldiers a sense of belonging.
  • It helps with unity and identification.
  • It provides your soldiers with a purpose. 
  • It allows soldiers to feel like they belong to something better and bigger than themselves.
  • It also helps with pride in your unit. 

How do you choose a platoon name? 

Let’s say you’re a platoon sergeant or a platoon leader. What do you do? Do you go out and pick a name? That’s not the best move. 

You first want to seek suggestions from platoon members, subordinate leaders, and your soldiers to get ideas. They could nominate three, four, or five good potential platoon names. 

Narrow down a few suggestions, and let the soldiers in your platoon vote for the best name. While the army is not a democracy, it helps with teamwork and collective accountability. 

Everyone’s vote counts the same. And the name that gets the most votes will be your platoon name. 

In summary:

  1. Seek suggestions from platoon members and talk with your subordinate leaders and soldiers to get ideas.
  2. Nominate three, four, or five good potential names.
  3. Have a vote within your platoon. Let everyone’s vote count the same, and the name with the most votes will be your platoon name.

Logo or picture of the Army Platoon Name

Once you settle on an army platoon name, have your soldiers design a logo for the platoon. The logo can be incorporated into any merchandise available for your platoon: unit coins, coffee mugs, letterheads, etc.

For example, if you pick your platoon name as “Riders,” a platoon member can create a Riders logo, which will be incorporated or painted in your merchandise and platoon area. 

Most units have at least one extremely talented soldier who can always draw something. If you need help, you can go on a website like Fiverr and have a logo made for 10 dollars.

In summary:

  1. Ask your soldiers to represent the platoon’s name or motto visually.
  2. Display the design, unit coins, or other materials in your platoon area.
  3. If no one can create a design, consider outsourcing it to a platform like Fiverr.

What if your platoon has a name?

If you join a platoon with a platoon name, don’t be quick to change it. Instead, ask your soldiers if they like it as is; find out about the history of it and how long they’ve had it. 

Ask your soldiers if they’d like to change it or if they want to keep it before you go and make a command decision that could ultimately backfire on you. 

In summary:

  1. Consult with your soldiers before making any changes to an existing platoon name.
  2. Learn about the history and longevity of the current name.
  3. Gauge the soldiers’ opinions on changing or keeping the current name.

Army Platoon Names

Below are some fantastic names you should consider for your platoon:

Platoon Names
The Comet
Pura Adrenalina
T Rider
Platoon Names

These are my ideas; you can suggest other names in the comment section below.

Army Units and Platoon Names

In conclusion, picking and having a platoon name is essential. Another good tip is to make sure that the name of your army unit corresponds with the type of platoon you are in. 

If you’re an infantry platoon, you might have a different nickname than a distribution, maintenance, or ordnance platoon. Your platoon name may be based on the mission of your unit, history, or any other important factors.

All platoons in the army should have a platoon name. Likewise, all units in the army, platoons and above, should have a name; it gives the platoon a unique identity.

If your platoon doesn’t have a platoon name, consult your platoon and establish one. Having a platoon name improves your soldiers’ morale and enhances cohesion in your platoon.

In summary:

  1. Picking and having a platoon name is essential, and it should correspond to the type and mission of your platoon.
  2. All army platoons and units should have a name to identify their uniqueness.
  3. If your platoon doesn’t have a name, be proactive and establish one to improve morale and cohesion.


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