Army Classes of Supply 2023

Army Classes of Supply
Army Classes of Supply

Army Classes of Supply refer to categorizing various supplies and materials required to support military operations.

Today’s post is about the Army’s classes of supply. I will briefly cover the different classes of supply and give you a little cheat sheet that you can use as a leader in the Army to help you deal with logistics and supply adequately. 

If you’re a small unit leader, whether you’re an NCO or an Army officer, it’s really in your best interest to have a basic, fundamental knowledge of the different classes of supply. 

Different Classes of Supply for the Army

The Army has ten classes of supply, each of which has a specific category of items. These classes of supply are important in the management, procurement, storage, and distribution of various supplies within the Army and the military in general.

The Ten Army Classes of Supply are as follows:

Class I – Food, Rations, and Water  

The Army Class 1 supply list includes MREs, UGR rations, prepackaged meals, snacks, etc., necessary to sustain personnel during operations.

Class II – Clothing and Equipment

The Army Class 2 supply list includes your protective gear, tents, tools, uniforms, unclassified maps, clothing toolkits, hand tools, and individual equipment. 

Class III – Petroleum, Oils, and Lubricants (POL)

The Army Class 3 supply list includes fuel, lubricants, hydraulic and insulating fluids, petroleum, coolants, and any other material essential to operating army vehicles, aircraft, and equipment.

Class IV – Construction and Barrier Materials

This Army Class 4 supply list includes material for barrier and construction projects such as lumber, sandbags, barbed wire, metal fence posts, etc.

Class V – Ammunition

This Army Class 5 supply list includes all types of ammunition and explosives, such as pyrotechnics, missiles, hand grenades, rockets, bullets, bombs, and any other munitions used by the military.

Class VI – Personal Demand Items

This Army Class 6 supply list includes personal items that support the well-being of soldiers, such as hygiene products (deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo, wet wipes, toilet paper, etc.), snacks, and other recreational items (cigarettes, cameras, alcohol, etc.).

Class VII – Major End Items

This Army Class 7 supply list includes large equipment (humvees, tanks, artillery guns, trucks, aircraft, Bradley fighting vehicles, and M-1 Abrams). These are your costly items.

Class VIII – Medical Supplies and Equipment

This Army Class 8 supply list includes medical materials such as bandages, medications, tubes, syringes, medical devices, etc. There is also a Class 8 Alpha and a Class 8 Bravo, which can include blood, plasma, and things of that nature.

Class IX – Repair Parts and Components

This Army Class 9 supply list includes spare parts and equipment needed to repair and maintain military vehicles (engines, tires, mirrors, radios, etc.), weapons, and other essential equipment used in the military.

Class X – Miscellaneous Supplies

This Army Class 10 supply list includes items not included in any other class of supply (1 to 9). Materials or things used in non-military operations or humanitarian assistance fall under this category.

10 Classes of Army Supplies
10 Classes of Army Supplies

10 Army Classes of Supply List 2023

Below is a list of the ten classes of supply in the Army:

Class of SupplyCategorySpare parts & Materials for repairs
Class 1SubsistenceFood, rations, water
Class 2Clothing and EquipmentUniforms, protective gear, tents
Class 3Petroleum, Oils, and LubricantsFuel, lubricants, hydraulic fluids
Class 4Construction and Barrier MaterialsSandbags, barbed wire, fencing
Class 5AmmunitionAmmunition (Guns) & Explosives,
Class 6Personal Demand ItemsSpare parts & Materials for repairs
Class 7Major End ItemsTanks, aircraft, vehicles
Class 8Medical Supplies and EquipmentMedical materials
Class 9Repair Parts and ComponentsSpare parts & Material for repairs
Class 10Miscellaneous SuppliesItems not included in Class I to X

Army Class Supply Table

Army Classes of Supply Conclusion

There you have it, soldiers: the ten classes of supply in the Army. If I were to give you some essential tips, I would take time to familiarize myself with each class of supplies. 

  • Who do you need to reach out to request suppliers?
  • Do you need to go to your supply sergeant’s S4, the supply support activity? 
  • What’s the requisitioning process? 
  • Do you have enough supplies on hand? 
  • How do you do your inventories? Things of that nature.

These are the ten classes of supply. This is the cheat sheet for small unit leaders about the ten classes of supply. I hope you got some value from this post.