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My Army ERB – Enlisted Record Brief

So your platoon torrent told you to print off your ERB. Where do I find it? What is an ERB? An herb? I need to print off my herb? I’ll print off my herb.


You. I’m going to tell you in this episode when the Enlisted Record Brief is. Welcome back to the channel. My name is Sam French. On today’s episode of Here’s the Drill, I’m going to be teaching you how to read your ERB, your Enlisted Records Brief. Now, the Enlisted Record Brief is something you’re going to have throughout your military career. You’re going to be asked for it countless times. What is it? It’s just that. What you’ve done in the military, how you’ve done in the military, where you’ve done in the military, and when you did it in the military. It’s a records brief. So in order for you to find this records brief, you need to go on to AKO. Go on to AKO and click on the My Unlisted Records Brief tab and you’ll be able to click View ERB. From there, you can open up your ARB. For the rest of this episode, I’m going to be walking you through the ERB and all the sections. There’s a lot. It’d be smart of you to print off your ARB and follow along. Here we go.

First thing you’re going to do is you’re going to come to your AKO homepage and down in the bottom right corner on the front right tiles is your ARB, your Enlisted Record Brief. Once you log in your AKO, this is what it’s going to look like. Click that. Once you click that, it’s going to say View My SRB. That’s your link to click that. If you want to have Show Sex and Race, you can click that and Show Your Picture. Slower Download, you can have that so you have your DA photo attached to it as well. At this time, go ahead and click that. Open up your ERB. All right, for ops type purposes and safety purposes, I have whited out everything on my ERB but a few select things. But this is what your unlisted record brief is going to look like. At this time, hopefully, you have yours pulled up and it’s ready to rock and roll and you can follow along with me. I’m going to start up at the top left since it’s a lot of information. First thing you see over here is a brief date. That’s the day you printed this ERB and how current it is followed by your name, your rank, and your date of rank.

I whited out the date of rank so your date of rank will be there as well. Your primary MOS, your Social Security should have only your last four. Everything else Xed out. I did go ahead and did that for you there. Followed by your component. Now I’m going to start in section one, assignment information. On here, you’re going to see your deployments. For this purpose, again, I whited this out. You’ll see your start and end date on your deployment, your country, your months in there, followed by all of that told up here on the side. When you go down below that, you’ll see dwell time. Now, what is dwell time? Dwell time is any time not deployed. Then it will show your months and days between end of your last tour to currently that current date and show you how long it’s been since you deployed. Now your DROs is your date estimated return from overseas. And the DROs is going to be your date returned from overseas. Now, when you go below that date, dependents arrived on service. Okay, you’re going to have your primary MOS. If you do have a secondary MOS, it’s right there.

You’ll have a bunch of your SQIs here. If you do have some of those, those can be some things as special operations, instructor, drill sergeant, recruiter. You’ll have all that SQI right there. Followed by your PDSI and your ASIs. You should have a bunch of ASIs. You’ll pick those up as you go through the military. Those are things as MFT, MRT, all kinds of additional skill identifiersers, air assault, all that will be in that section there. Bonus MSS. Here’s your bonus enlistment date. You’ll be able to see that date there. Promotion points. These two sections right here will very rarely be updated. You need to check your PPW for that. But as you move up through the ranks and you go for your E7 look to E8 look, you’ll have those dates in here from the day you were selected and your actual sequence number. The sequence number will not be on there anymore. It will just be two zeros because it’s now moved on to the OML, which is something you can find on your ACT. Now onto here, you’ll see your ASVAB. It’ll have your date of your ASVAP right here, the last time you’re taking it, followed by all of your scores here.

This is a good section to check right here that you’ll be able to see if you’re able to get into some of those schools that you want to get into, those airborne or assault, any technical school, all of that right here. Now you get on the AEA and DT. This is huge. This is your fence date. And what do I mean by fence is that’s the date of when you’ll actually be qualified to leave and leave post or leave and get a new unit, leave in PCS. So that is your date that you are fenced in until. Check that area there. That’s a big point for you. Anything underneath will be any flags you have, whether that’s flags for ABC program, adverse action, any flag and code in this area right here. On this section two, security data. Up here you’ll see I have a secret clearance. It’ll have the dates of when it was started, when your next one’s due. All of that is in this area right here. Section two is pretty simple. All right, this is section three here, the service data. On here is your basic active service date. Now, everybody thinks that that’s pretty much the day you started basic active service, which it is.

Now, for us active duty, it’s easy to say our BASD. Now, for promotion purposes, you need to go off your P EBD, your PEP. And your PEP is a date started getting paid. That’s your date started getting paid. Basically, it stands for your pay entry base date. And this is the date you need to go off of for all of these promotions here, specifically in these ones for private, PP2, PFC, and specialists. They go off your PEP, not your BASD. Now, usually these two are the exact same for anybody active duty, always check your PEP. Now your BESD, same thing for your BESD. Your ETS here, you’re going to see your ETS date, current ETS date of when you will be getting out of the military. Now your DIMs. Your DIMs is the day you sworn in. That’s the day you sworn in. That’s the date of initial entry military service. So basically that’s the day you sworn in. Over here you see your reenlistment eligibility. You’ll see down the bottom down here days lost. That’s more of a Reservist and National Guardist. You have a section for that. Ag CM is your Army Good Conduct Medal, and this will be the date last one you got it.

And this will be the date that you’re eligible again. Those are three years without any article 15s, anything like that. That’ll be in there. Now below, DOR data rank. The date you made these ranks, you’ll be able to see them all in the following positions here. So this is an easy way to track some of your progress between ranks. On to section 4 in the corner here, you’ll see personal family data. You’ll see your date of birth, birthplace, country of citizenship, sex and race. You’ll have that on there. Number of dependents and adults. One, I’m currently married with my son. And my religion, Roman Catholic, marital status, married, spouse, birthplace, US. Efmp with exception family member program. Now that is the data on there I want to start. And if you’re sponsoring anybody in that program. Now your last physical exam, it’ll be on there with that date and your pulleys. If you’re 111111 all the way across the board, you’re basically deployable physical category. To the bottom down here with MRC is your medical readiness. This is going to talk about you’ll be MRC 1, MRC 2, MRC 3, your medical readiness, and all talking about your Med Pros and coming down to deployable here.

Height and weight goes off your last APFT. Acft and APFT now they just added this ACFT block in here, so that’s coming, that’s brand new. But you’re going to see both of those dates and scores in there as well as you see here category. Home of record, mailing address, military spouse, social security, that’s usually going to be pretty empty. Emergency data verified, and all these things are verified by your S1. Now onto section five, come back right underneath the security data is a foreign language. Whatever you speak, whatever foreign language you’re good at and you’re qualified at, it will all be stored in this section here. And the date of your DL ab that qualifies that. Now, onto section six, it’s right below that. You’re going to see your MEL and MLS, that’s Military Education. That’s going to tell you whether you graduated SSD 1, SSD 2, anything from ALC, SLC, BLC, it’s going to tell you you’re graduated right here, or it’ll say a sign. Below this, you’re going to have all your schools and the achievement you may have. You’re going to put in here, whether it’s Commandants list, Distinguished Honor Graduate, Distinguished Leader, and then the year it’s completed all in this school section, Military Education.

Bmw is your marksmanship qualifier. This is going to show you how many points you have on your weapons and when you shot and fired, and that current date is all posted in BMW. Followed by on the very bottom of this is your correspondence hours and your total. I have currently 555. That will update continuously about every four to eight hours after you complete classes. On the section 7, you see your civilian education. It’s going to go into the top here. It’s going to say whether it’s high school graduate, college graduate, and then it’s going to show where you graduated from and the year of, and the number of semester hours completed. Also adds in there technical certifications. It’ll also show here your date certified, your date expired. But this is something you can go to armicool. Com and you’ll be able to find typing in your MSS technical certs for you to get that could equal 15 promotion points very quickly and fill this block that I see very, very commonly empty. All right, on the section eight, you’re going to have your awards here on the left, and they’re going to be listed with a number on the side, and the number on the side is just how many current awards you have of that.

But this is your section for all your awards and decorations to include badges, airborne badges, drill star badges, anything in here. Any award you have on your uniform goes in here, except for any foreign awards. They do not go in there. All right, onto the very bottom is section nine, assignment history. You can see on the left date of loss and date of last PCS. This is going to show you the last time you PCS. And on the right, it’s going to show you the date of your last NCBR. If you are an NCO, this will show you the last time that your last NCBR closed out. Below that, you’re going to see assignments. You’re going to see your assignment history. The very first line is a projection. So if you are currently on projected orders, you’re on assignment. If it doesn’t show up in your ask, your army satisfaction key, you can go on there and check and see if you’re on assignment, and that will show there. Current will be a line across there telling you your current unit. You can see on here from what date, how many months, your unit identifier and your organization, the station you’re at, location and the possible command that you’re working under, and duty title.

You need to make sure that you update your ERB assignment history to make sure that it reflects your actual path that you took in the United States military, starting with your basic training, your AIT, move on to your first unit, your second unit, third unit. And then this down here will also reflect your deployments. You will put a line in here that shows you deployed for seven months here, eight months here, four months here. And that will show you on that location and on that duty title, it will say FWD forward to whatever location. And that will coincide with what you have up here. Now, duty title is a big thing. Make sure that these duty titles match your NC AR duty title. So this is something that for my E6s going to E7, this is a big thing to link up to make sure that these two match. When you pull up your NC AR and it’s from 2019, here’s the unit 2019, I was this. You need to make sure that these two match. Now, onto the last section, section 10, remarks. Hiv, they’ll have that on there. You’ll have a date of that when you last did that.

And you’ll have your date of your last photo taken for your DA photo. I did not print my DA photo and put it in here and download that copy. You can, but you can put your DA photo right down here once you click that X in the beginning. When you’re on here, it’s going to say anything that you’re volunteered for. Airborne volunteer, AISC Platoon aren’t recruiting drill assignment preferred, all these things, you’ll be able to update on your ask. Your Army Satisfication Key, you’ll be able to go to that website and update on their preferences of what you want that can help you when you get along the line of talking to branch about your next duty assignment.

Pass this knowledge down to your soldiers, and I hope you enjoyed the episode because today, as always.

We dominate the day. You know that.

George N.