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Navy Push Ups Requirements & Standards 2023

Tips on how to pass the Navy PRT Push Ups

Get into a proper navy push-up form. So again, just like the Navy plank, have a neutral spine, which means your butt is not in the air and your butt is not sinking down or sagging. You have a straight line from your head to your shoulder, hip, and ankle. 

Your arms should be shoulder-width apart or slightly wider apart, meaning you come into a plank. 

You must break a 90-degree angle with your arms for the push-up to count. So if you are doing little fake push-ups, that won’t count. Remember, we are in the United States Navy; we do correct push-ups. 

I have a pro tip for you: as soon as you start getting tired and your hands are wider than your shoulders, you can’t do any more push-ups like that; as long as your hands do not come off the deck, slide them inwards a little bit. That way, you can target those tricep muscles and then go to complete failure. 

For example, I always start the Navy push-ups with my arms wide apart. Then, as soon as I start to get tired and I can’t come back up anymore, I’ll slightly slide my arms inward without lifting my hands off the deck, and now I’m using all my triceps.

Depending on your age, you will fall into different categories. For example, the maximum number of push-ups for females aged 17 to 19 is 51. 

I would shoot for 51 push-ups or more. My golden rule is 60. You will max it out if you’re female and shoot for 60 push-ups. 

For males in the same age group, you can get a maximum of 92. So shoot for 100; you will max out and get outstanding on your Navy PRT test. That way, if you suck at running like I do, it will help even out your score. 

How to Train for the Navy Push Ups

With navy push-ups, you will be amazed at how quickly you can get good at them. 

I could only do 20 push-ups in a row when I joined the military. So I started doing 5 to 10 sets of 10 push-ups every other day.

If I did that four or five days a week, when it came time to knock out the push-ups in a PRT, my numbers got up to 50 or 60. So you’ll notice that you can increase your push-ups over a couple of weeks.

How to do the Navy Prt Push Up

George N.