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Coast Guard boot camp

Coast Guard bootcamp is eight weeks long and is located in Cape May, New Jersey. The drill sergeants here are referred to as company commanders. When you get there, you’ll do what every branch has you do the fun admin stuff, gear issue, haircuts, a slap into reality.

Your military experience has begun. After your indoc, you will receive your company commanders. That will be with you until you graduate and the real fun begins. You’ll do the Coast Guard physical fitness test, which consists of a minute of push ups, a minute of sit ups and a mile and a half run. While the Coast Guard and the Navy are similar in nature, their bootcamps really aren’t too alike. It’s a completely different experience. You’ll get weapons training, seamanship training, which includes in depth, hands on training of lines, knots, fire prevention, deck maintenance and other aspects of deployment on vessels. You’ll also learn military ranks and structure, go through a swim assessment, pugle stick fights, take written exams and go through a confidence course. But guess what? Here’s something cool. You don’t have to go to the gas chamber in coast Guard boot camp. Don’t let that be the selling point for you, though. There’s much more to the military than your basic training. At the end of those hard eight weeks, you will then officially be a coast Guardsman and will be sent to your next command and that covers it for what it takes to join the United States military.

Do you have what it takes? Let us know in the comments section below. This video served to be a basic introduction to joining the military and we encourage you to look more into each of the boot camps if you’re interested. Let us know in the comments. If you’d like us to cover each of these individually, more in depth as well as an officer version for joining these branches. We’d love the feedback. And before you go, we’ve partnered with some businesses to give you some decent discounts on a variety of products. On screen are all the companies we’ve partnered with thus far. The links to them will be in the description below if you want to check them out. Well, that is the down and dirty of what it takes to enlist into the United States military. If you learned something from this video, make sure to give us a like and subscribe to our channel. As always, thank you for watching. Do you even want to be here? A big shout out to all of.

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