Army Regulations

AR 25-12Active12/23/2019Communications Security Equipment Maintenance And Maintenance TrainingCIO
AR 380-53Active12/23/2011Communications Security MonitoringG-2
AR 614-30Active12/22/2016Overseas ServiceG-1
AR 600-8-105Active12/20/2022Military OrdersG-1
AR 611-1Active12/20/2022Military Occupational Classification Structure Development And ImplementationG-1
AR 600-8-3Active12/17/2019Postal OperationsG-1
AR 75-15Active12/17/2019Policy For Explosive Ordnance DisposalG-3/5/7
AR 1-10Active12/16/2022Fundraising Within The Department Of The ArmyAASA
AR 621-8Active12/16/2020Managing The Defense English Language Program {afi36–4003; Mco1550.24–a;opnav1550.12a}G-1
AR 700-145Active12/16/2020Item Unique IdentificationASA (AL&T)
AR 700-144Active12/15/2022Demilitarization And Trade Security ControlsG-4
AR 700-13Active12/15/2020Worldwide Department Of Defense Military Munitions (Ammunition) Logistics/surveillance/explosives Safety Review And Technical Assistance ProgramG-4
AR 27-50Active12/15/1989Status Of Forces Policies, Procedures, And Information {secnavinst 5820.4g}TJAG
AR 600-89Active12/14/2022General Douglas Macarthur Leadership Award ProgramG-1
AR 135-155Active12/13/2022Promotion Of Commissioned Officers And Warrant OfficersG-1
AR 200-1Active12/13/2007Environmental Protection And EnhancementG-9
AR 230-3Active11/29/2022Department Of The Army Welfare FundAASA
AR 710-1Active11/28/2016Centralized Inventory Management Of The Army Supply SystemG-4
AR 715-31Active11/28/2016Army Competition Advocacy ProgramASA (AL&T)
AR 600-86Active11/23/2020Army Disaster Personnel Accountability And Assessment ProgramG-1
AR 601-100Active11/21/2006Appointment Of Commissioned And Warrant Officers In The Regular ArmyG-1
AR 27-10Active11/20/2020Military JusticeTJAG
AR 50-7Active11/17/2016Army Reactor ProgramG-3/5/7
AR 600-62Active11/17/2004United States Army Personnel Control Facilities And Procedures For Administering Assigned And Attached PersonnelPMG
AR 55-80Active11/17/2003Dod Transportation Engineering Program {opnavinst 11210.2; Afman 32-1017; Mco 11210.2d; Dlar 4500.19}G-4
AR 690-950Active11/16/2016Career Program ManagementASA (M&RA)
AR 70-43Active11/15/2010Space Test Program (Stp) Management {afi 10–1202(I)/ar 70–43/opnavinst 3913.1a}G-3/5/7
AR 725-50Active11/15/1995Requisition, Receipt, And Issue SystemG-4
AR 608-20Active11/13/2020Army Voting Assistance ProgramG-1
AR 608-99Active11/13/2020Family Support, Child Custody, And ParentageTJAG
AR 36-2Active10/30/2015Audit Services In The Department Of The ArmyAAG
AR 608-18Active10/30/2007The Army Family Advocacy ProgramG-9
AR 135-9Active10/30/2006Participation In Joint Service Reserve Component Facility BoardsCAR
AR 621-5Active10/28/2019Army Continuing Education SystemG-1
AR 5-22Active10/28/2015The Army Force Modernization Proponent SystemG-3/5/7
AR 525-21Active10/28/2013Army Military Deception (Mildec) Program (U)G-3/5/7
AR 10-47Active10/26/2010U.s. Army Command And Control Support AgencyG-3/5/7
AR 1-33Active10/25/2018The Army Memorial ProgramG-1
AR 600-78Active10/25/2018Army Suitability ProgramG-1
AR 190-12Active10/23/2019Military Working Dog ProgramPMG
AR 525-93Active10/23/2019Army Deployment And RedeploymentG-3/5/7
AR 750-10Active10/23/2019Army Modification ProgramG-4
AR 525-17Active10/23/2013Special Mission Badges And Credentials (U)G-3/5/7
AR 700-127Active10/22/2018Integrated Product SupportASA (AL&T)
AR 601-142Active10/22/2015Army Medical Department Professional Filler SystemTSG
AR 700-116Active10/22/2010U.s. Army Ammunition Management In The Pacific TheaterG-4
AR 290-5Active10/21/2020Army CemeteriesOAC
AR 600-8-14Active10/21/2020Identification Cards For Members Of The Uniformed Services, Their Family Members, And Other Eligible Personnel {afi 36–3026_ipv1/ar 600–8–14/bupers Inst 1750.10d/mco 5512.11e/comdtinst M5512.1b/noaa Corps Directives, Chapter 1, Part 5/commissioned Corps Manual 29.2/instructions 1 And 2} (Certified Current By Army On 10/21/2020.)G-1
AR 740-3Active10/21/2020Stock Readiness {dlar (Jsr) 4145.04/ar 740–3/afman 23-125/navsupinst 4400.100b/mco 4450.15b}G-4
AR 5-25Active10/21/2016Army Weather Functional ActivitiesG-2
AR 135-200Active10/20/2020Active Duty For Missions, Projects, And Training For Reserve Component SoldiersG-1
AR 25-55Active10/19/2020The Department Of The Army Freedom Of Information Act ProgramAASA
AR 608-1Active10/19/2017Army Community ServiceG-9
AR 40-7Active10/19/2009Use Of U.s. Food And Drug Administration-regulated Investigational Products In Humans Including Schedule I Controlled SubstancesTSG
AR 601-25Active10/19/2006Delay In Reporting For And Exemption From Active Duty, Initial Active Duty Training, And Reserve Forces DutyG-1
AR 25-400-2Active10/18/2022Army Records Management ProgramAASA
AR 725-1Active10/17/2003Special Authorization And Procedures For Issues, Sales, And LoansG-4
AR 550-52Active10/16/2020Acquisition And Cross-servicing AgreementsG-4
AR 55-46Active10/15/2020Travel OverseasG-1
AR 351-3Active10/15/2007Professional Education And Training Programs Of The Army Medical DepartmentTSG
AR 140-50Active10/15/1999Officer Candidate School, Army ReserveG-1
AR 37-47Active10/14/2020Official Representation Funds Of The Secretary Of The ArmyAASA
AR 50-6Active10/13/2022Chemical SuretyG-3/5/7
AR 25-22Active09/30/2022The Army Privacy And Civil Liberties ProgramAASA-AHS
AR 700-141Active09/30/2015Hazardous Materials Information Resource SystemG-4
AR 700-80Active09/30/2015Army In-transit VisibilityG-4
AR 380-13Active09/30/1974Acquisition And Storage Of Information Concerning Nonaffiliated Persons And OrganizationsG-2
AR 405-16Active09/29/2016Homeowners Assistance ProgramCOE
AR 525-20Active09/29/2010Information OperationsG-3/5/7
AR 190-9Active09/28/2015Absentee Deserter Apprehension Program And Surrender Of Military Personnel To Civilian Law Enforcement AgenciesPMG
AR 381-47Active09/27/2022Offensive Counterintelligence OperationsG-2
AR 525-92Active09/27/2021Army Arms Control Implementation And Compliance PolicyG-3/5/7
AR 190-45Active09/27/2016Law Enforcement ReportingPMG
AR 711-6Active09/26/2022Army Participation In The Defense Logistics Agency Weapon System Support ProgramG-4
AR 350-100Active09/26/2017Officer Active Duty Service ObligationsG-1
AR 621-202Active09/26/2017Army Educational Incentives And EntitlementsG-1
AR 530-1Active09/26/2014Operations SecurityG-3/5/7
AR 405-25Active09/25/1973Annexation (Reprinted W/basic Incl C1)COE
AR 215-1Active09/24/2010Military Morale, Welfare, And Recreation Programs And Nonappropriated Fund InstrumentalitiesG-9
AR 600-88Active09/23/2021Sea DutyG-1
AR 27-53Active09/23/2019Legal Review Of Weapons And Weapon SystemsTJAG
AR 350-66Active09/23/2019Small Arms Competitive Marksmanship ProgramG-3/5/7
AR 715-30Active09/23/2019Secure Environment ContractingASA (AL&T)
AR 600-8-7Active09/20/2022Retirement Services ProgramG-1
AR 601-141Active09/19/2006U.s. Army Health Professions Scholarship, Financial Assistance, And Active Duty Health Professions Loan Repayment ProgramsTSG
AR 27-40Active09/19/1994LitigationTJAG
AR 672-20Active09/17/2020Incentive AwardsG-1
AR 135-210Active09/17/2019Order To Active Duty As Individuals For Other Than A Presidential Reserve Call-up, Partial Or Full MobilizationG-1
AR 600-55Active09/17/2019The Army Driver And Operator Standardization Program (Selection, Training, Testing, And Licensing)G-3/5/7
AR 635-8Active09/17/2019Separation Processing And DocumentsG-1
AR 56-4Active09/17/2014Distribution Of Materiel And Distribution Platform ManagementG-4
AR 870-5Active09/16/2021Military History: Responsibilities, Policies, And ProceduresAASA
AR 600-3Active09/16/2019The Army Personnel Development SystemG-1
AR 601-210Active08/31/2016Regular Army And Reserve Components Enlistment ProgramG-1
AR 56-3Active08/31/2009Management Of Army Rail EquipmentG-4
AR 215-7Active08/30/2019Civilian Nonappropriated Funds And Morale, Welfare, And Recreation ActivitiesASA (M&RA)
AR 350-19Active08/30/2005The Army Sustainable Range ProgramG-3/5/7
AR 700-18Active08/29/2020Provisioning Of U.s. Army EquipmentG-4
AR 700-82Active08/29/2020Joint Regulation Governing The Use And Application Of Uniform Source, Maintenance, And Recoverability CodesG-4
AR 10-16Active08/29/2019U.s. Army Nuclear And Countering Weapons Of Mass Destruction AgencyG-3/5/7
AR 11-18Active08/29/2019The Cost And Economic Analysis ProgramASA (FM&C)
AR 215-3Active08/29/2019Nonappropriated Funds Instrumentalities Personnel PolicyG-1
AR 351-9Active08/29/2012Inter-service Training {opnavinst 1500.27g; Afi 36-2230(I); Mco 1580.7e; Comdtinst 1580.1}G-3/5/7
AR 40-905Active08/29/2006Veterinary Health Services {secnavinst 6401.1b; Afi 48-131}TSG
AR 40-656Active08/28/2006Veterinary Surveillance Inspection Of Subsistence {navsupinst 4355.10a; Mco 10110.48}TSG
AR 381-100Active08/27/2020The Army Human Intelligence (Humint) Collection Program (U)G-2
AR 740-1Active08/26/2008Storage And Supply Activity OperationsG-4
AR 1-20Active08/25/2021Legislative LiaisonOCLL
AR 195-5Active08/25/2019Evidence ProceduresUSACID
AR 600-8-111Active08/25/2019Army Mobilization, Manning, And Wartime Replacement OperationsG-1
AR 700-131Active08/23/2004Loan, Lease, And Donation Of Army MaterielG-4
AR 1-21Active08/22/2019Administrative Space Management In The National Capital RegionAASA
AR 220-5Active08/22/2019Designation, Classification, And Change In Status Of UnitsAASA
AR 5-10Active08/20/2010StationingG-3/5/7
AR 637-2Active08/18/2022Separation Pay (Nondisability) And Levels Of PaymentG-1
AR 690-610Active08/18/2021Hours Of Duty, Alternative Work Schedules, And HolidaysG-1
AR 600-38Active08/17/2016The Meal Card Management SystemG-4
AR 220-1Active08/16/2022Army Unit Status Reporting And Force Registration-consolidated PoliciesG-3/5/7
AR 601-20Active08/14/2009The Interservice Physician Assistant Training ProgramTSG
AR 380-28Active08/13/2018Army Sensitive Compartmented Information Security ProgramG-2
AR 70-13Active07/30/2010Management And Oversight Of Service AcquisitionsASA (AL&T)
AR 135-32Active07/29/2019Retention In An Active Status After Qualification For Retired PayG-1
AR 11-33Active07/28/2022Army Lessons Learned ProgramG-3/5/7
AR 700-15Active07/28/2020Packaging Of MaterielG-4
AR 702-18Active07/28/2015Department Of Defense (Dod) Shelf Life Materiel Quality Control Storage StandardsG-4
AR 40-10Active07/27/2007Health Hazard Assessment Program In Support Of The Army Acquisition ProcessTSG
AR 190-24Active07/27/2006Armed Forces Disciplinary Control Boards And Off-installation Liaison And Operations {opnavinst 1620.2a; Afi 31-213; Mco 1620.2d; Comdtinst 1620.1e}PMG
AR 525-95Active07/26/2022Army Geospatial-intelligence And Geospatial Information And ServicesG-2
AR 637-1Active07/26/2021Army Compensation And Entitlements PolicyG-1
AR 11-34Active07/25/2013The Army Respiratory Protection ProgramTSG
AR 600-20Active07/24/2020Army Command PolicyG-1
AR 600-85Active07/23/2020The Army Substance Abuse ProgramG-1
AR 380-27Active07/22/2014Control Of Compromising EmanationsG-2
AR 700-84Active07/22/2014Issue And Sale Of Personal ClothingG-4
AR 145-1Active07/22/1996Senior Reserve Officers` Training Corps Program: Organization, Administration, And TrainingG-1
AR 15-180Active07/21/2021Army Discharge Review BoardASA (M&RA)
AR 700-8Active07/21/2021Logistics Planning Factors And Data ManagementG-4
AR 195-2Active07/21/2020Criminal Investigation ActivitiesUSACID
AR 612-201Active07/21/2017Initial Entry/prior Service Trainee SupportG-1
AR 40-35Active07/21/2016Preventive Dentistry And Dental ReadinessTSG
AR 840-1Active07/18/2022Department Of The Army Seal, Emblem, And Branch Of Service PlaquesG-1
AR 611-105Active07/18/2017Selection, Training, And Suitability For Explosive Ordnance DisposalG-3/5/7
AR 840-10Active07/17/2020Flags, Guidons, Streamers, Tabards, And Automobile And Aircraft PlatesG-1
AR 30-22Active07/17/2019Army Food ProgramG-4
AR 700-68Active07/17/2018Storage And Handling Of Liquefied And Gaseous Compressed Gasses And Their Full And Empty Cylinders {dlar (Js) 4145.25/ar 700-68/navsupinst 4440.128/mco 10330.2d}G-4
AR 140-10Active07/16/2021Assignments, Attachments, Details, And TransfersG-1
AR 220-45Active07/16/2021Duty RostersG-1
AR 770-2Active07/16/2021Materiel FieldingASA (AL&T)
AR 770-3Active07/16/2021Type Classification And Materiel ReleaseASA (AL&T)
AR 600-9Active07/16/2019The Army Body Composition ProgramG-1
AR 190-53Active07/16/2018Interception Of Wire And Oral Communications For Law Enforcement PurposesUSACID
AR 25-1Active07/15/2019Army Information TechnologyCIO
AR 40-13Active07/15/2019Radiological Advisory Medical TeamsTSG
AR 405-30Active07/15/1984Mineral Exploration And ExtractionCOE
AR 380-10Active07/14/2015Foreign Disclosure And Contacts With Foreign RepresentativesG-2
AR 614-10Active07/14/2011Army Military Personnel Exchange Program With Military Services Of Other NationG-3/5/7
AR 15-1Active07/13/2018Department Of The Army Federal Advisory Committee Management ProgramAASA
AR 15-39Active07/13/2018Department Of The Army Intergovernmental And Intragovernmental Committee Management ProgramAASA
AR 690-500Active06/30/2022Pay And Allowances AdministrationG-1
AR 602-2Active06/29/2022Human Systems Integration In The System Acquisition ProcessG-1
AR 71-9Active06/29/2021Warfighting Capabilities DeterminationG-8
AR 381-141Active06/29/2020Intelligence Contingency Funds (Icf) (U)G-2
AR 5-21Active06/29/2018Rand Arroyo CenterG-8
AR 635-200Active06/28/2021Active Duty Enlisted Administrative SeparationsG-1
AR 600-8-8Active06/28/2019The Total Army Sponsorship ProgramG-1
AR 27-26Active06/28/2018Rules Of Professional Conduct For LawyersTJAG
AR 600-8-6Active06/27/2022Personnel Accounting And Strength ReportingG-1
AR 870-20Active06/27/2022Army Museum Enterprise And Army Artifact CollectionAASA
AR 190-13Active06/27/2019The Army Physical Security ProgramPMG
AR 190-51Active06/27/2019Security Of Unclassified Army Resources (Sensitive And Nonsensitive)PMG
AR 40-501Active06/27/2019Standards Of Medical FitnessTSG
AR 40-502Active06/27/2019Medical ReadinessTSG
AR 70-38Active06/26/2020Research, Development, Test And Evaluation Of Materiel For Worldwide UseCOE
AR 215-4Active06/25/2021Nonappropriated Fund ContractingG-9
AR 165-1Active06/23/2015Army Chaplain Corps ActivitiesCCH
AR 12-7Active06/23/2009Security Assistance TeamsASA (AL&T)
AR 750-59Active06/22/2020Corrosion Prevention And Control For Army MaterielG-4
AR 380-86Active06/22/2005Classification Of Former Chemical Warfare, Chemical And Biological Defense, And Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Contamination Survivability InformationG-3/5/7
AR 525-26Active06/22/2004Infrastructure Risk Management (Army)G-3/5/7
AR 550-1Active06/21/2004Processing Requests For Political Asylum And Temporary RefugeG-3/5/7
AR 70-31Active06/20/2018Standards For Technical ReportingASA (AL&T)
AR 70-76Active06/19/2018Joint Electronics Type Designation Automated System {secnavinst 2830.1; Afi 60–105} (Certified Current By Army On 19 June 2018)ASA (AL&T)
AR 350-53Active06/19/2014Comprehensive Soldier And Family FitnessG-1
AR 190-54Active06/19/2006Security Of Nuclear Reactors And Special Nuclear MaterialsPMG
AR 10-82Active06/18/2018Army National Guard Information TechnologyNGB
AR 415-32Active06/18/2018Engineer Troop Unit Construction In Connection With Training ActivitiesCOE
AR 750-32Active06/18/2008Airdrop, Parachute Recovery, And Aircraft Personnel Escape Systems (*rar 001 04/04/2011)G-4
AR 210-25Active06/17/2021Vending Facility Program For The Blind On Federal PropertyG-9
AR 70-41Active06/17/2019Armaments CooperationASA (AL&T)
AR 40-66Active06/17/2008Medical Record Administration And Health Care DocumentationTSG
AR 601-280Active06/16/2021Army Retention ProgramG-1
AR 735-17Active06/16/2021Accounting For Library MaterialsG-1
AR 190-47Active06/15/2006The Army Corrections System – This Edition Remains In Effect Until 17 April 2023PMG
AR 25-30Active06/14/2021Army Publishing ProgramAASA
AR 25-38Active06/14/2021Army Printing And Distribution ProgramAASA
AR 623-3Active06/14/2019Evaluation Reporting SystemG-1
AR 95-11Active06/14/2018Military Flight Plan And Flight Movement Data Communications {afman 11-213, Navair 00-80t-114}G-3/5/7
AR 210-27Active06/14/2017Basic Policies And Principles For Carrying Out An Economic Adjustment ProgramG-9
AR 381-45Active05/31/2013Investigative Records RepositoryG-2
AR 5-11Active05/30/2014Management Of Army Models And SimulationsG-8
AR 1-9Active05/28/2014White House Liaison And CommunicationsDAS
AR 190-48Active05/24/2019Protection Of Federal Witnesses On Army InstallationsPMG
AR 40-1Active05/24/2019Composition, Mission, And Functions Of The Army Medical DepartmentTSG
AR 1-1Active05/23/2016Planning, Programming, Budgeting, And ExecutionASA (FM&C)
AR 190-5Active05/22/2006Motor Vehicle Traffic Supervision {opnav 11200.5d; Afi 31-218(I); Mco 5110.1d; Dlar 5720.1}PMG
AR 690-990-2Active05/20/1989Hours Of Duty, Pay And Leave, AnnotatedG-1
AR 350-2Active05/19/2015Operational Environment And Opposing Force ProgramG-2
AR 600-81Active05/17/2016Soldier For Life – Transition Assistance ProgramG-1
AR 135-156Active05/17/2007Reserve Component General Officer Personnel ManagementCSA
AR 600-8-19Active05/16/2019Enlisted Promotions And ReductionsG-1
AR 210-20Active05/16/2005Real Property Master Planning For Army InstallationsG-9
AR 405-10Active05/14/1970Acquisition Of Real Property And Interests Therein (Reprinted W/basic Incl C1-2)COE
AR 614-115Active04/30/2010Military Intelligence Excepted Career Program (Great Skill)G-2
AR 70-75Active04/29/2019Survivability Of Army Personnel And MaterielASA (AL&T)
AR 135-180Active04/28/2015Retirement For Non-regular ServiceG-1
AR 381-143Active04/28/2015Non-standard Materiel Policy And Intelligence Procedures (U) (Only Available On Siprnet)G-2
AR 611-5Active04/25/2022Personnel And Classification TestingG-1
AR 616-110Active04/25/2018Selection, Training, Utilization And Career Guidance For Army Medical Corps Officers As Flight SurgeonsTSG
AR 700-138Active04/23/2018Army Logistics Readiness And SustainabilityG-4
AR 40-3Active04/23/2013Medical, Dental, And Veterinary CareTSG
AR 600-110Active04/22/2014Identification, Surveillance, And Administration Of Personnel Infected With Human Immunodeficiency VirusG-1
AR 900-1Active04/21/2017Department Of The Army Space PolicyG-3/5/7
AR 195-6Active04/21/2016Department Of The Army Polygraph ActivitiesUSACID
AR 380-381Active04/21/2004Special Access Programs (Saps) And Sensitive ActivitiesCSA
AR 600-4Active04/20/2021Remission Or Cancellation Of IndebtednessG-1
AR 5-9Active04/17/2018Installation AgreementsG-9
AR 500-5Active04/16/2015Army MobilizationG-3/5/7
AR 415-28Active04/15/2014Real Property Category CodesG-9
AR 40-63Active04/14/2015Ophthalmic Services {secnavinst 6810.1; Afi 44 117}TSG
AR 600-63Active04/14/2015Army Health PromotionG-1
AR 601-2Active04/13/2020Army Recruiting Support ProgramsG-1
AR 702-7-1Active04/13/2020Reporting Of Product Quality Deficiencies Within The U.s. ArmyG-4
AR 870-21Active04/13/2017The U.s. Army Regimental SystemAASA
AR 700-143Active04/13/2015Packaging Of Hazardous Material {dlar 4145.41; Navsupinst 4030.55d; Afi 24-210_ip; Mco 4030.40c}G-4
AR 5-13Active03/31/2021Army Munitions Requirements, Prioritization, And Authorizations Management PolicyG-3/5/7
AR 95-2Active03/31/2016Air Traffic Control, Airfield/heliport, And Airspace OperationsG-3/5/7
AR 15-185Active03/31/2006Army Board For Correction Of Military RecordsASA (M&RA)
AR 135-175Active03/30/2020Separation Of OfficersG-1
AR 195-4Active03/30/2020Use Of Contingency Limitation .0015 Funds For Criminal Investigative ActivitiesUSACID
AR 525-27Active03/29/2019Army Emergency Management ProgramG-3/5/7
AR 611-110Active03/29/2019Selection Of Army Aviation Officers And Warrant OfficersG-1
AR 11-7Active03/29/2017Internal Review ProgramASA (FM&C)
AR 710-2Active03/28/2008Supply Policy Below The National LevelG-4
AR 27-3Active03/26/2020The Army Legal Assistance ProgramTJAG
AR 700-132Active03/26/2014Joint Oil Analysis ProgramG-4
AR 380-5Active03/25/2022Army Information Security ProgramG-2
AR 15-130Active03/24/2022Army Clemency And Parole BoardASA (M&RA)
AR 115-13Active03/24/2017Installation Geospatial Information And ServicesG-9
AR 715-9Active03/24/2017Operational Contract Support Planning And ManagementG-4
AR 20-1Active03/23/2020Inspector General Activities And ProceduresTIG
AR 525-94Active03/23/2020Evacuation Of U.s. Citizens And Designated Aliens From Threatened AreasG-1
AR 58-1Active03/23/2020Management, Acquisition, And Use Of Motor VehiclesG-9
AR 59-3Active03/23/2017Movement Of Cargo By Scheduled Military Air TransportationG-4
AR 700-137Active03/23/2017Logistics Civil Augmentation ProgramG-4
AR 700-37Active03/23/2017Packaging Of Army MaterielG-4
AR 700-4Active03/23/2017Logistics AssistanceG-4
AR 740-26Active03/23/2017Physical Inventory ControlG-4
AR 95-1Active03/22/2018Flight RegulationsG-3/5/7
AR 140-145Active03/21/2022Individual Mobilization Augmentation ProgramG-1
AR 11-31Active03/21/2013Army Security Cooperation PolicyG-3/5/7
AR 71-32Active03/20/2019Force Development And Documentation Consolidated PoliciesG-3/5/7
AR 380-49Active03/20/2013Industrial Security ProgramG-2
AR 15-34Active03/19/2021Department Of The Army Individual Service Review BoardG-1
AR 700-146Active03/18/2014Individual Chemical Equipment Management ProgramG-4
AR 190-47Active03/17/2023The Army Corrections SystemPMG
AR 75-14Active03/17/2020Inter-service Responsibilities For Explosive Ordnance Disposal {opnavinst 8027.7; Afi 32–3002–o; Mco 8027.1e}G-3/5/7
AR 190-56Active03/15/2013The Army Civilian Police And Security Guard ProgramPMG
AR 135-91Active03/14/2016Service Obligations, Methods Of Fulfillment, Participation Requirements, And Enforcement ProvisionsG-1
AR 40-68Active02/26/2004Clinical Quality ManagementTSG
AR 11-6Active02/25/2022Army Foreign Language ProgramG-2
AR 190-58Active02/25/2018Designation And Protection Of High Risk PersonnelUSACID
AR 1-201Active02/25/2015Army Inspection PolicyTIG
AR 700-147Active02/24/2019Contingency BasingG-4
AR 385-10Active02/24/2017The Army Safety ProgramDAS
AR 145-2Active02/24/2000Organization, Administration, Operation, And SupportG-1
AR 135-5Active02/23/2021Army Reserve Forces Policy CommitteeASA (M&RA)
AR 600-43Active02/22/2023Conscientious ObjectionASA (M&RA)
AR 210-130Active02/22/2005Laundry And Dry Cleaning OperationsG-9
AR 405-20Active02/21/1974Federal Legislative Jurisdiction (Reprinted W/basic Incl C1)COE
AR 672-11Active02/20/2013Brigadier General Jeremiah P. Holland AwardPMG
AR 525-15Active02/19/2016Software Reprogramming For Cyber Electromagnetic ActivitiesG-3/5/7
AR 638-34Active02/19/2015Army Fatal Incident Family Brief ProgramG-1
AR 12-1Active02/18/2021Security Assistance, Training, And Export PolicyASA (AL&T)
AR 381-14Active02/17/2015Technical Surveillance CountermeasuresG-2
AR 1-15Active02/16/2023Civilian Aides To The Secretary Of The ArmyAASA
AR 40-33Active02/16/2005The Care And Use Of Laboratory Animals In Dod Programs {secnavinst 3900.38c; Afman 40-401(I); Darpainst 18; Usuhsinst 3203}TSG
AR 37-64Active02/15/2023Finance And Accounting For Sensitive Mission Funding (C)ASA (FM&C)
AR 135-101Active02/15/1984Appointment Of Reserve Commissioned Officers For Assignment To Army Medical Department Branches (Reprinted W/basic Incl C1-4)TSG
AR 11-41Active02/14/2017The Counter Improvised Explosive Device ProgramG-3/5/7
AR 611-75Active02/13/2020Management Of Army DiversG-1
AR 95-10Active02/13/2018Department Of Defense Notice To Airmen System {afi 11-208; Opnavinst 3721.20d}G-3/5/7
AR 25-51Active01/30/2023Official Mail And Distribution ManagementG-1
AR 381-26Active01/30/2023Army Foreign Materiel Program (U)G-2
AR 700-90Active01/30/2020Army Industrial Base ProcessASA (AL&T)
AR 381-11Active01/30/2019Intelligence Support To Capability DevelopmentG-2
AR 385-63Active01/30/2012Range Safety {mco 3570.1c}DAS
AR 690-200Active01/29/2020General Personnel ProvisionsG-1
AR 525-22Active01/28/2016U.s. Army Electronic WarfareG-3/5/7
AR 40-61Active01/28/2005Medical Logistics PoliciesTSG
AR 381-10Active01/27/2023The Conduct And Oversight Of U.s. Army Intelligence ActivitiesG-2
AR 608-75Active01/27/2017Exceptional Family Member ProgramG-9
AR 670-1Active01/26/2021Wear And Appearance Of Army Uniforms And InsigniaG-1
AR 690-11Active01/25/2023Department Of The Army Expeditionary Civilian Workforce And Civilian Deployments, In Support Of Military Contingency And Emergency OperationsG-1
AR 614-200Active01/25/2019Enlisted Assignments And Utilization ManagementG-1
AR 70-25Active01/25/1990Use Of Volunteers As Subjects Of Research (Reprinted W/basic Incl C1-2)TSG
AR 140-483Active01/24/2020Army Reserve Land And Facilities ManagementCAR
AR 27-55Active01/24/2020Notarial ServicesTJAG
AR 27-1Active01/24/2017Legal Services, Judge Advocate Legal ServicesTJAG
AR 380-67Active01/24/2014Personnel Security ProgramG-2
AR 750-43Active01/24/2014Army Test, Measurement, And Diagnostic EquipmentG-4
AR 702-16Active01/23/2023Chemical Biological Defense Materiel Reliability ProgramG-4
AR 614-120Active01/21/2022Inter-service Transfer Of Commissioned OfficersG-1
AR 690-950-4Active01/21/2022Military Intelligence Civilian Excepted Career ProgramG-2
AR 40-657Active01/21/2005Veterinary/medical Food Safety, Quality Assurance, And Laboratory Service {navsup 4355.4h; Mco P10110.31h}TSG
AR 140-1Active01/20/2004Mission, Organization, And TrainingCAR
AR 195-3Active01/19/2017The Criminal Investigation Command Special Agent ProgramUSACID
AR 635-40Active01/19/2017Disability Evaluation For Retention, Retirement, Or SeparationG-1
AR 190-11Active01/17/2019Physical Security Of Arms, Ammunition, And ExplosivesPMG
AR 700-81Active01/17/2019Dod Military Working Dog (Mwd) Program {afi 31-126/ar 700-81/opnavinst 5585.3b/mco 5585.6}PMG
AR 350-52Active01/17/2014Army Training Support SystemG-3/5/7
AR 210-35Active01/14/2005Civilian Inmate Labor ProgramG-9
AR 630-10Active01/13/2006Absence Without Leave, Desertion, And Administration Of Personnel Involved In Civilian Court ProceedingsPMG
AR 702-20Active01/09/2023Counterfeit Risk Management Product AssuranceASA (AL&T)
AR 95-20Active02/06/2023Contractor`s Flight And Ground Operations {dcma Inst 8210-1d; Afi 10-220; Navairinst 3710.1h; Comdtinst M13020.3b}G-4
AR 638-2Active03/03/2023Army Mortuary Affairs ProgramG-1
AR 750-1Active02/02/2023Army Materiel Maintenance PolicyG-4
AR 210-22Active05/12/2022Support For Non-federal Entities Authorized To Operate On Department Of The Army InstallationsG-9
AR 690-752Active02/10/2022Disciplinary And Adverse ActionsG-1
AR 381-20Active06/09/2022The Army Counterintelligence Program (U)G-2
AR 10-89Active09/08/2022U.s. Army Civilian Personnel Evaluation And Analysis OfficeASA (M&RA)
AR 672-8Active07/08/2022Manufacture, Sale, Wear, And Quality Control Of Heraldic ItemsG-1
AR 135-178Active11/07/2022Enlisted Administrative SeparationsG-1
AR 11-42Active01/07/2022Army Corrosion Prevention And Control ProgramASA (AL&T)
AR 700-20Active12/06/2022Ammunition Peculiar EquipmentG-4
AR 380-40Active09/06/2022Safeguarding And Controlling Communications Security MaterialG-2
AR 70-12Active05/06/2022Fuels And LubricantsASA (AL&T)
AR 5-18Active08/05/2022Army Stationing And Installation PlanG-9
AR 381-102Active04/04/2022U.s. Army Cover Program (U)G-2
AR 27-70Active08/03/2022Department Of Defense Foreign Tax Relief ProgramTJAG
AR 635-5-1Active03/02/2022Separation Program Designator CodesG-1
AR 70-57Active03/02/2022Army Technology TransferASA (AL&T)
AR 40-8Active02/02/2022Temporary Flying Restriction Due To Exogenous Factors Affecting Aircrew EfficiencyTSG
AR 600-106Active02/02/2022Flying Status For Nonrated Army Aviation PersonnelG-1
AR 150-1Active01/12/2021Organization, Administration, And OperationG-1
AR 210-7Active05/11/2021Personal Commercial Solicitation On Army InstallationsG-9
AR 601-208Active11/10/2021The Army Marketing ProgramASA (M&RA)
AR 670-10Active07/09/2021Furnishing Uniforms, Or Paying Uniform Allowances, To Civilian EmployeesG-1
AR 600-8-2Active04/05/2021Suspension Of Favorable Personnel Actions (Flag)G-1
AR 135-381Active01/03/2021Incapacitation Of Reserve Component SoldiersG-1
AR 115-10Active09/02/2021Weather Support For The U.s. Army {afi 15-157 (Ip)}G-2
AR 710-3Active09/02/2021Inventory Management Asset And Transaction Reporting SystemG-4
AR 500-3Active07/02/2021U.s. Army Continuity Of Operations ProgramG-3/5/7
AR 702-12Active07/02/2021Quality Assurance Specialist (Ammunition Surveillance) ProgramG-4
AR 600-8-4Active11/12/2020Line Of Duty Policy, Procedures, And InvestigationsG-1
AR 700-48Active08/12/2020Management Of Radiologically Contaminated Equipment Outside The United StatesG-4
AR 40-5Active05/12/2020Army Public Health ProgramTSG
AR 40-58Active05/12/2020Army Recovery Care ProgramTSG
AR 15-80Active02/12/2020Army Grade Determination Review Board And Grade DeterminationsASA (M&RA)
AR 611-60Active02/12/2020Assignment Of Army Personnel To The Defense Attache ServiceG-2
AR 702-19Active02/12/2020Reliability, Availability, And MaintainabilityASA (AL&T)
AR 95-27Active11/11/2020Operational Procedures For Aircraft Carrying Hazardous Materials {afji 11-204}G-3/5/7
AR 25-50Active10/10/2020Preparing And Managing CorrespondenceAASA
AR 600-7Active03/10/2020Unlawful Discrimination On The Basis Of Disability In Programs And Activities Receiving Federal Financial Assistance From Or Conducted By The Department Of The ArmyASA (M&RA)
AR 700-28Active10/09/2020Ammunition ManagementG-4
AR 600-8-29Active09/09/2020Officer PromotionsG-1
AR 34-1Active04/09/2020InteroperabilityG-3/5/7
AR 525-30Active04/09/2020Army Strategic And Operational ReadinessG-3/5/7
AR 360-1Active10/08/2020The Army Public Affairs ProgramOCPA
AR 405-90Active06/08/2020Disposal Of Real PropertyCOE
AR 5-12Active02/08/2020Army Use Of The Electromagnetic SpectrumCIO
AR 600-8-24Active02/08/2020Officer Transfers And DischargesG-1
AR 600-291Active09/07/2020Foreign Government EmploymentG-1
AR 600-105Active06/05/2020Aviation Service Of Rated Army OfficersG-1
AR 70-50Active11/03/2020Designating And Naming Defense Military Aerospace Vehicles {afi 16-401; Navairinst 13100.16}ASA (AL&T)
AR 600-8-10Active06/03/2020Leaves And PassesG-1
AR 56-9Active10/02/2020Army Intratheater Watercraft SystemsG-4
AR 600-37Active10/02/2020Unfavorable InformationG-1
AR 690-12Active12/12/2019Equal Employment Opportunity And DiversityASA (M&RA)
AR 621-7Active03/12/2019The Army Fellowship And Scholarship ProgramG-3/5/7
AR 621-1Active12/11/2019Advanced Education Programs And Requirements For Military PersonnelG-1
AR 135-18Active10/11/2019The Active Guard Reserve ProgramG-1
AR 210-14Active06/11/2019Installation Status Report ProgramG-9
AR 70-47Active01/11/2019Engineering For Transportability ProgramASA (AL&T)
AR 600-25Active09/10/2019Salutes, Honors, And CourtesyCSA
AR 25-6Active10/09/2019Military Auxiliary Radio System And Amateur Radio ProgramCIO
AR 190-55Active09/09/2019U.s. Army Corrections System: Procedures For Military ExecutionsPMG
AR 600-8Active07/09/2019Military Human Resources ManagementG-1
AR 25-98Active02/08/2019Information Management Control Requirements ProgramAASA
AR 40-21Active06/07/2019Medical Aspects Of Army Aircraft Accident InvestigationTSG
AR 601-10Active06/07/2019Management And Recall To Active Duty Of Retired Soldiers Of The Army In Support Of Mobilization And Peacetime OperationsG-1
AR 638-8Active06/07/2019Army Casualty ProgramG-1
AR 1-100Active02/07/2019The Army Gift ProgramAASA
AR 640-30Active12/06/2019Official Army PhotographsG-1
AR 672-16Active12/05/2019Zachary And Elizabeth Fisher Distinguished Civilian Humanitarian Award {secnavinst 5061.16a; Afman 36-2806}ASA (M&RA)
AR 25-97Active06/05/2019The Army Library ProgramG-1
AR 930-4Active05/05/2019Army Emergency ReliefG-9
AR 190-17Active03/05/2019Biological Select Agents And Toxins Security ProgramPMG
AR 600-77Active03/05/2019Administrative Management Of Wounded, Ill, Or Injured SoldiersG-1
AR 600-8-22Active03/05/2019Military AwardsG-1
AR 25-2Active04/04/2019Army CybersecurityCIO
AR 525-13Active12/03/2019AntiterrorismPMG
AR 614-100Active12/03/2019Officer Assignment Policies, Details, And TransfersG-1
AR 135-133Active10/03/2019Ready Reserve Screening, Qualification Records System, And Change Of Address ReportingG-1
AR 690-300Active04/03/2019EmploymentG-1
AR 525-29Active10/01/2019Force Generation – Sustainable ReadinessG-3/5/7
AR 700-100Active10/01/2019Munitions Support For Joint Operations {mco 8012.1}G-4
AR 59-9Active07/12/2018Special Assignment Airlift Mission RequirementsG-4
AR 350-20Active03/12/2018Management Of Defense Foreign Language TrainingG-3/5/7
AR 750-6Active01/12/2018Army Equipment Safety And Maintenance Notification SystemG-4
AR 70-1Active08/10/2018Army Acquisition PolicyASA (AL&T)
AR 25-59Active04/10/2018Office SymbolsAASA
AR 702-7Active04/10/2018Product Quality Deficiency Report Program {dlar 4155.24; Secnavinst 4855.5b; Afi 21-115; Dcma Inst 1102}G-4
AR 50-5Active11/09/2018Nuclear SuretyG-3/5/7
AR 10-90Active02/09/2018Department Of Defense Executive Agent Responsibilities Of The Secretary Of The ArmyAASA
AR 70-77Active06/08/2018Program ProtectionASA (AL&T)
AR 73-1Active06/08/2018Test And Evaluation PolicyDUSA
AR 15-41Active05/08/2018Chemical, Biological, Radiological, And Nuclear Survivability CommitteeG-3/5/7
AR 702-11Active11/07/2018Army Quality ProgramASA (AL&T)
AR 40-660Active09/06/2018Dod Hazardous Food And Nonprescription Drug Recall System {dha-msr 6025.01; Dlar 6025.01; Navsupinst 10110.8d; Afi 48-161_ip; Mco 10110.38d}TSG
AR 600-8-101Active03/06/2018Personnel Readiness ProcessingG-1
AR 415-16Active01/05/2018Army Facilities Components SystemCOE
AR 140-185Active08/03/2018Training And Retirement Point Credits And Unit Level Strength Accounting RecordsG-1
AR 1-50Active07/02/2018Army Conference PolicyAASA
AR 350-50Active05/02/2018Combat Training Center ProgramG-3/5/7
AR 140-111Active03/02/2018U.s. Army Reserve Reenlistment ProgramG-1
AR 350-38Active02/02/2018Policies And Management For Training Aids, Devices, Simulators, And SimulationsG-3/5/7
AR 10-87Active12/11/2017Army Commands, Army Service Component Commands, Direct Reporting UnitsG-3/5/7
AR 25-13Active05/11/2017Army Telecommunications And Unified CapabilitiesCIO
AR 608-10Active05/11/2017Child Development ServicesG-9
AR 350-1Active12/10/2017Army Training And Leader DevelopmentG-3/5/7
AR 75-1Active02/09/2017Malfunctions Involving Ammunition And ExplosivesG-4
AR 1-202Active04/07/2017Army Congressional Fellowship ProgramOCLL
AR 600-100Active04/05/2017Army Profession And Leadership PolicyASA (M&RA)
AR 40-25Active01/03/2017Nutrition Standards And EducationTSG
AR 601-1Active10/11/2016Assignment Of Enlisted Personnel To The U.s. Army Recruiting CommandG-1
AR 11-35Active05/11/2016Occupational And Environmental Health Risk ManagementASA (IE&E)
AR 70-62Active05/11/2016Airworthiness Of Aircraft SystemsG-4
AR 220-90Active11/09/2016Army BandsOCPA
AR 708-1Active11/09/2016Logistics Management Data And Cataloging Procedures For Army Supplies And EquipmentG-4
AR 735-5Active11/09/2016Property Accountability PoliciesG-4
AR 25-36Active02/03/2016Instructions For The Interservicing Of Technical Manuals And Related Technology ProgramAASA
AR 702-6Active12/02/2016Ammunition Stockpile Reliability ProgramG-4
AR 381-12Active06/01/2016Threat Awareness And Reporting ProgramG-2
AR 15-6Active04/01/2016Procedures For Administrative Investigations And Boards Of OfficersTJAG
AR 5-1Active11/12/2015Management Of Army Business OperationsUSA
AR 25-58Active08/07/2015Publishing In The Federal RegisterAASA
AR 420-41Active03/03/2015Acquisition And Sale Of Utilities ServicesCOE
AR 633-30Active12/02/2015Military Sentences To ConfinementPMG
AR 350-32Active06/02/2015Army Foundry Intelligence Training ProgramG-2
AR 700-139Active02/02/2015Army Warranty ProgramG-4
AR 525-2Active12/08/2014The Army Protection ProgramG-3/5/7
AR 40-400Active07/08/2014Patient AdministrationTSG
AR 600-8-104Active04/07/2014Army Military Human Resource Records ManagementG-1
AR 40-60Active05/06/2014Army Medical Materiel Acquisition PolicyTSG
AR 40-562Active10/07/2013Immunizations And Chemoprophylaxis For The Prevention Of Infectious Diseases {bumedinst 6230.15b; Afi 48-110_ip; Cg Comdtinst M6230.4g}TSG
AR 190-59Active04/10/2012Chemical Agent Security ProgramPMG
AR 215-8Active10/05/2012Army And Air Force Exchange Service Operations {afi 34-211(I)}G-9
AR 12-15Active01/03/2011Joint Security Cooperation Education And TrainingASA (AL&T)
AR 525-28Active03/05/2010Personnel RecoveryG-3/5/7
AR 11-2Active01/04/2010Managers` Internal Control ProgramASA (FM&C)
AR 15-110Active07/10/2009Board Of Directors, Army And Air Force Exchange Service {afi 34-203(I)}G-9
AR 700-136Active06/05/2009Tactical Land-based Water Resources ManagementG-4
AR 700-135Active02/05/2009Soldier Support In The FieldG-4
AR 350-10Active09/03/2009Management Of Army Individual Training Requirements And ResourcesG-1
AR 420-1Active02/12/2008Army Facilities ManagementG-9
AR 59-4Active04/08/2008Joint Airdrop Inspection Records, Malfunction/incident Investigations, And Activity Reporting {opnavinst 4630.24d; Afj 13 210(I); Mco 13480.1c}G-4
AR 27-20Active02/08/2008ClaimsTJAG
AR 700-19Active02/07/2008U.s. Army Munitions Reporting SystemG-4
AR 550-51Active05/02/2008International AgreementsTJAG
AR 600-8-11Active05/01/2007ReassignmentG-1
AR 405-70Active05/12/2006Utilization Of Real PropertyG-9
AR 190-6Active02/09/2006Obtaining Information From Financial InstitutionsPMG
AR 570-4Active02/08/2006Manpower ManagementASA (M&RA)
AR 190-30Active11/01/2005Military Police InvestigationsPMG
AR 690-600Active02/09/2004Equal Employment Opportunity Discrimination ComplaintsASA (M&RA)
AR 350-9Active11/08/2004Oversea Deployment Training (Odt)G-3/5/7
AR 95-30Active07/08/2004Participation In A Military Or Civilian Aircraft Accident Safety Investigation {opnavist 3750.16c, Comdtinst 5100.28, Afi 91-206} Https:// The Navy Is The Lead Proponent For This Regulation.CSA
AR 405-45Active11/01/2004Real Property Inventory ManagementG-9
AR 350-51Active06/11/2001United States Army Officer Candidate SchoolG-1
AR 405-80Active10/10/1997Management Of Title And Granting Use Of Real PropertyCOE
AR 350-28Active12/09/1997Army ExercisesG-3/5/7
AR 190-8Active10/01/1997Enemy Prisoners Of War, Retained Personnel, Civilian Internees And Other Detainees {opnavinst 3461.6; Afji 31-304; Mco 3461.1}PMG
AR 25-35Active07/01/1996Joint Technical Coordinating Group For Munitions Effectiveness (Jtcg/me) Publications {afji 10-411; Navmatinst 5600.23; Mco 5600.43b}AMC
AR 135-100Active09/01/1994Appointment Of Commissioned And Warrant Officers Of The Army (Reprinted W/basic Incl C1-13)G-1
AR 190-14Active03/12/1993Carrying Of Firearms And Use Of Force For Law Enforcement And Security DutiesPMG
AR 27-60Active06/01/1993Intellectual PropertyTJAG
AR 601-50Active12/04/1987Appointment Of Temporary Officers In The Army Of The United States Upon Mobilization (Reprinted W/basic Incl C1-2)G-1
AR 140-9Active08/01/1984Entry On Active Duty Or Active Duty For Training (Rotc Officers) (Reprinted W/basic Incl C1)G-1
AR 27-52Active11/05/1968Consular Protection Of Foreign Nationals Subject To The Uniform Code Of Military Justice {secnavinst 5820.6; Afr 110-13} (Reprinted W/basic Incl C1)TJAG