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Air Force Plank Scoring Standards 2024

Air Force Plank Test
Air Force Plank Test

The Air Force Plank Test is a component of the Air Force Physical Fitness Test that measures an airman’s core strength and endurance.

Air Force Plank Test Score Standards

The AF PT plank test has specific scoring standards and minimum passing requirements.

  • The event consists of maintaining a proper forearm plank position for the maximum time allowed.

Minimum and Maximum Standards

  • The minimum passing standard for the plank event is 10 points.
  • The maximum standard for the plank event is 20 points.

US AF Plank Scores

  • The maximum score in the plank event is 20 points.
  • The minimum score required to pass the Air Force Plank event is 10 points.

Air Force Plank Time

  • The maximum time allowed for the plank test is 4 minutes.
  • The Air Force awards a plank score based on the airman’s ability to maintain proper form for the maximum time allowed.
  • The instructor will stop the test if:
    1. The airman receives more than two corrections on the form.
    2. The third correction will cease the test assessment, and the time recorded is the Airman Plank Test time score.
  • An airman will score zero if:
    1. They fail to maintain proper form.
    2. Stops the event too early (less than 60 seconds for most age groups).

Air Force Plank Male Standards

Age GroupMinimum 10 Points
Plank Time (mm: ss)
Maximum 20 Points
Plank Time (mm: ss)
Air Force PT Plank Male Standards

Air Force Plank Female Standards

Age GroupMinimum 10 Points
Plank Time (mm: ss)
Maximum 20 Points
Plank Time (mm: ss)

Air Force PT Plank Female Standards

Plank Test Instructions and Equipment

  • You will perform the test on a flat-level surface.
  • Use a United States Air Force-approved timing device like a stopwatch.
  • You may use a floor mat, but it must be the entire length of your body.
  • The Air Force PT Instructor will read the instructions before the Air Force PT Test starts.
  • The instructor will also give a short demonstration of the plank form.

How to Do the USAF Plank Test

  1. You will begin to face down on the floor with elbows bent and forearms flat on the floor or mat.
  2. Your body should be straight through the head, shoulders, back, buttocks, and legs.
  3. Align your elbows directly below the shoulders at a 90-degree angle between the forearm and upper arm.
  4. Hands will be in a fist with the pinky side of the hand touching the floor or lying flat with palms touching the floor.
  5. Place your feet hip-width apart, hips lifted off the deck with only the forearms, hands, and toes on the floor, knees straight, pelvis in a neutral position, and back flat.
  6. The back, buttocks, and legs must be straight from head to toe and must remain so throughout the test.
  7. The toes, forearms, and fists or palms must always remain in contact with the floor or mat.
  8. The test will end when the maximum time for the forearm plank has elapsed. Or until the last participant stops before the maximum time allowed.
  9. Involuntary muscle spasms, shaking, trembling, and quivering resulting from maximum exertion during the exercise are anticipated and permitted as long as the proper forearm plank position is maintained.


  • The Air Force Plank Test is essential to the Air Force PT Test.
  • It measures core strength and endurance.
  • The member should prepare adequately by practicing the proper form and building endurance to meet or exceed the minimum passing score.
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