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ACFT Changes | 2023 & 2024 Updates

The Army Combat Fitness Test, or ACFT, has seen several updates and changes since its initial introduction, reflecting the Army’s ongoing commitment to ensuring that the test remains an accurate and relevant measure of soldier readiness. 

Below are some of the significant changes and updates to the ACFT:

Changes to the ACFT

1. Inclusion of the Plank Event:

  • What: The plank event was added as the fifth AFCT event to assess core strength.
  • Why: This event was included as a more universally accessible way to gauge core strength and endurance.

2. New Scoring Scales:

  • What: The introduction of age and gender performance norm scoring scales.
  • Why: These new scales aim to provide a more equitable assessment of a Soldier’s overall physical fitness.

3. Alternate Aerobic Events:

  • What: Addition of alternative aerobic events, including stationary biking, rowing, swimming, and a two-and-a-half-mile walk.
  • Why: Offering alternatives ensures that a broader range of aerobic capabilities can be assessed, accommodating various fitness levels and abilities.

4. Phased Implementation Timeline:

  • What: A staggered timeline for different components of the Army, including Regular Army, Active Guard Reserve, and Reserve Component Soldiers.
  • Why: This phased approach allows for a smoother transition and ensures that all soldiers are adequately prepared for the new testing standards.

5. Regular Feedback and Assessment:

  • What: Continually collecting feedback from Soldiers and analyzing test scores
  • Why: Regular assessments enable the Army to make necessary adjustments to the ACFT, keeping it aligned with the evolving needs of modern combat readiness.

ACFT Updates: Conclusion

  • The ACFT updates and changes demonstrate the Army’s dedication to a fair and effective evaluation of this fitness test. 
  • By continuously assessing and adapting the ACFT, the Army ensures that it remains a relevant and rigorous standard that accurately reflects the physical demands placed on today’s Soldiers. 
  • The ACFT changes will broaden accessibility while maintaining a high level of challenge and fostering a culture of fitness and resilience across the entire force.

Ongoing Assessments and Preparedness

  • The Army will continue to assess how we measure physical readiness to ensure our Soldiers are physically, mentally, and spiritually prepared to deploy, fight, win, and return home.

For more information on the ACFT, including updated policies, visit the official ACFT website at

George N.