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Army Basic Training Start Dates 2024 & 2023

Army Basic Training start dates, or “ship dates,” are predetermined times when recruits commence their boot camp or Basic Combat Training.

Army Boot Camp start dates are the foundational training phase for new U.S. Army enlistees.

  • Purpose: These dates allow recruits to prepare mentally and physically for the rigors of Basic Training.
  • Scheduling: Dates are set based on several factors:
    • Needs of the Army
    • Training capacity of the BCT facility
    • Availability of the recruit

The following are the 2023 Army Basic Training Graduation Dates:

Army Boot Camp Start Dates 2024

Here’s a table outlining the Army basic training start dates in 2024:

EventUsually, in late April
Classes BeginRight after Martin Luther King Day
Additional Start DatesInterspersed throughout the year
500th NightDates vary; refer to the official Army academic calendar
Reorganization WeekAfter Presidents Day
Spring BreakThe date varies within the academic calendar
Plebe-Parent WeekendOrganized for families of new cadets
Sandhurst Military Skills CompetitionHeld annually in the spring
Projects DayTypically, in the junior year
GraduationDates vary; refer to the official Army academic calendar.

These dates provide an outline of key events and activities related to army basic training in 2024

Training Locations:

  • Locations include Fort Benning, Fort Jackson, Fort Leonard Wood, and Fort Sill.
  • The chosen location may correlate with the recruit’s Military Occupational Specialty (MOS).


  • Basic Combat Training lasts about ten weeks.
  • Depending on the MOS, recruits may transition directly into Advanced Individual Training (AIT) either at the same site or a different base.


  • Physical Fitness: Improve your fitness levels and familiarize yourself with the Army’s Physical Fitness Test (APFT) standards.
  • Mental Readiness: BCT is intense, both mentally and physically, transitioning civilians into soldiers.
  • Personal Affairs: Handle or delegate personal and financial issues for the period of absence.
  • Packing List: Your recruiter provides a list, usually containing essentials like ID, clothing, and toiletries. The Army will provide uniforms and other necessary items.

Reception Battalion:

  • A week-long process before BCT starts, handling administrative tasks, medical checks, and initial outfitting.


  • Communication with the external world is limited during BCT. Keep loved ones informed about this.


  • A ceremony marks the end of BCT. Family and friends can typically attend.

Seasonal Considerations:

  • Depending on the ship date, BCT might occur in extreme weather conditions. Understand the climate of the training location.

Delay Entry Program (DEP):

  • For those enlisted but waiting for their BCT date. Utilize this period for mental and physical preparations.

Possible Changes:

  • Occasionally, ship dates may alter due to various reasons.

Army Graduation Dates Conclusion

Every recruit’s journey is unique. Success during Basic Training is influenced by attitude, preparation, and adaptability. Stay determined, seek clarity when needed, and focus on the overarching goal.

George N.