TRX FORCE Training Kit

The TRX FORCE Training Kit is designed for the Military with a more subdued color than the civilian version which is a bright yellow color.  The TRX FORCE Training Kit is shown in the photo below along with a brief description of the contents.  Be sure to check out the video on this page providing detailed information about the TRX FORCE Suspension Training Kit.

Photo of the contents of the TRX FORCE Training Kit

TRX FORCE Suspension Training Kits

 The TRX FORCE Suspension Training Kits contains the following items:

  • The TRX Suspension Training System
    • Industrial Grade Webbing
    • Made in the USA
    • Suspension Anchor with intermediate anchor loops
    • Carabiner
    • Adjustable Straps and easy adjust Cam Buckles to Lengthen and Shorten the TRX
    • Industrial Grade Grips with Integrated Foot Cradles
  • The TRX Door Anchor Tactical
    We tried to hook the TRX system up to a CHU door with the adapter and the door just flexed.  While on TDY recently, we were able to hook the TRX up to the door of the hotel we stayed at which allowed us to complete our normal workout from the comfort of our room.
  • 12 Week Intensive Military Oriented Training Guide
  • Companion DVD
    • Features 2 real time workouts 
    • Extensive video exercise library
    • Top TRX Training Tips
  • A mesh carrying back

 Check out this video showing the TRX FORCE Suspension Training Kit in detail.

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The TRX FORCE Kit normally sells for $219.95

The Military Discount saves you $20.00

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