TRX Suspension Training

TRX Suspension Training

TRX is a type of training that uses your own body weight and gravity, to build strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, core and joint stability, all while preventing injuries. is provided to share training information for those using the TRX Suspension Training System as part of their workout and those that are interested in the TRX.  Many Servicemembers use the TRX (especially in deployed locations) and we hope to provide a wide range of training resources to help you to design more effective TRX Suspension Training Workouts.

To go back to the Physical Readiness Training portion of, please click here.  If you are new to Suspension Training with the TRX, you are encouraged to check out the links to the right giving a brief rundown of the TRX system.  You will also find information on how to get the TRX Military Discount should you wish to get your own TRX Suspension Training System.

How to Setup and Use the TRX
Adjusting the Length of the TRX
Suspension Training Length Guidelines
Configuring TRX with a Dual Point Anchor
Door Anchor Instructions
How to Reduce Sawing for TRX Workouts
Good Form for TRX Suspension Training
Speeding Up a TRX Workout
TRX Single Handle Mode Instructions
Offset Foot Position for the TRX
Common Mistakes on the TRX
Changing Resistance for TRX Training
Keeping Tension on the TRX
Suspending Your Heels in the TRX
Suspending Your Toes in the TRX
Over-Shortening the TRX
Basic TRX Length Adjustment
Proper Hand Positioning on the TRX
Finding Your Rep Range on the TRX
180 and Ice Skaters
A Skips
Assisted Lunge
Atomic Push-Up
Atomic Push-Up with Medicine Ball
Body Saw with Pike
Canadian Dive Bombers
Coach Dos’ Favorite TRX Exercises
Explosive Lunge and Burpees
Frankenstein Exercise
Hamstring Curl
High Rotation
Lower Body Challenge
Lunge Matrix with Medicine Ball
Lunge to Push-Up
Oblique Body Saw
Overhead Squat
Pendulum Core Exercise
Pendulum Principle
Pistol Squats
Single Leg Squat
Shoulder Workout
Suspended Incline Press
Suspended Pendulum
Suspended Scorpion
Tornado Ball Sequence
TRX Mid Row
Y Deltoid Fly
40/40 Challenge
Common Mistakes
Exercise Routine and Drills
Group Exercise
Partner Drill (Ladder Drill)
Six TRX Sins
Strap Length
Team Exercise

Burpee to Scorpion

Chest Press to Standing-Roll Out
Crossing Balance Lunge to TRX Hip Hinge
I Deltoid Fly / Swimmer Pull
Low Row to Kick Back
Oblique Crunch with Rotated Push-up
Plank Progressions
Row to Rotation
Single Leg Squat-Crossing Balance Lunge
Suspended Burpee to Punch
Talon Trainers
TRX Back Extension to TRX Overhead Squat
Tubing Meets TRX Lunge
Tubing Meets TRX Row
Warm Up: Squat, Row, Curl, Raise
Anterior Chain StretchRunning Drills Intro
Arm Swings
Round The Clock Lunges
Body Blast
10 Exercise Workout
TRX and Kettlebell Fusion
Total Core Destruction
Lower Power and Intensity
Metabolic Workout A Weeks 3 and 4
Superhero Workout Preview
TRX and Sandbag Advanced workout
Army Prt TRX Training

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