About Suspension Training with the TRX

Many of you have probably seen the TRX Suspension Training System being used in Iraq, Afghanistan or even back at your home station.  The TRX Suspension System allows you to perform a multitude of different exercise using one tool (the TRX Suspension Training System).  

We had the TRX hooked to a T-Wall about 9 feet up.  We have seen the TRX hooked to the side of an MRAP in a motorpool and have even seen it hanging from ceiling and from gym equipment while deployed.

There are a couple different systems, but we will focus on the version that they offer that is aimed at the Military Users.  The TRX FORCE System for Military users is close to coyote brown in color versus the yellow TRX Suspension Trainer that you may see in a local gym back home.

The TRX Suspension Training System was designed by former Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick so that it could be used to help keep their team in shape no matter where they were.  The TRX is an outstanding piece of equipment that will allow you to conduct a seemingly endless amount of different exercises to work each part of your body.

Military Discount for TRX FORCE kit

ArmyPRT.com has team up with Fitness Anywhere, the distributors of the TRX system to get you direct access to the Military Discount for the TRX.  In this section we will tell you how to get the TRX FORCE kit (The military version) with a Military Discount and save about 20 dollars from regular price.  You will need to click the link on these pages in order to be taken directly to the TRX Military Discount Sign-Up Form.  If you are here because you already know you want to get the TRX with the Military Discount, just click here to be taken to the TRX Military Discount page.  

This section is going to cover everything you need to know about the TRX System and also allow you to get the Military Discount for the TRX System so you can save some money.

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