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Sit And Reach Test FitnessGram 2023

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The sit and reach test is a flexibility test that measures flexibility in the lower back and hamstring muscles. Flexibility is a significant part of your physical fitness. 

Different teachers and coaches have used sit and reach tests like the FitnessGram Pacer Test in schools. It can be modified to accommodate people of different ages, genders, and abilities.

Other crucial physical fitness tests include the following:

  • Push up test
  • Curl up test

How to do the Sit and Reach Test + Height and Weight Demonstration

When doing this test, you will be lining up behind a sit-and-reach box. 

  • When lined up behind the reach box, you will take your shoes off, and then you will start by putting one leg inside the box and the other leg next to your knee (put one leg in and one leg out). Your knee is flat on the ground.
  • You will then put your hands together with fingertips over one another, and you’ll reach down as far as you can and hold it for three seconds. 
  • Your teacher will tell you your score, and then you will switch to the other side, reach down, and hold it for three seconds. 
  • Make sure your fingers are together; if they are not, then we have to count the hand that is the shortest. So make sure you keep your fingers excellent and even so that we can give you the best score possible. 

When doing the sit and reach test, your teacher can put their hand on the box and a hand on the center rail to ensure it doesn’t move.

After you get your second score, you complete the sit and reach test. Then, you will sit on the bench for height and weight measurements. 

Once they call your name, you will step up to the scale and tap it. Then, you’ll look down and wait until you see zero point zero. Then, when you see zero point zero, you will step on the scale. 

Wait till your teacher gives you the thumbs up, and then you will stand with your back on the wall nice and straight, and they will tell you how tall you are. 

After you get done with height and weight, you may find a station. 

Please listen to your teacher very closely. Please remember, friends, to keep your height and weight information private. 

That is your personal information, and it is nobody else’s business. The only people who will see that are you and your teacher. And that’s how you do a sit-and-reach test.

George N.