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Push Up Test Fitnessgram

The push-up test is a simple fitness assessment that measures upper body strength and muscular endurance. The test involves performing as many push-ups as possible in a specific period, usually one minute.

The test is a variation of the push-up test used in the FitnessGram Physical Fitness Assessment program, a comprehensive fitness assessment program commonly used in schools across the United States; the fitness gram pacer test is the most popular of the test in this program

Muscular endurance is how long your muscles can do something repeatedly without stopping. It will measure your muscular endurance for many different muscles in your upper body, like your shoulders, arms, back, and chest, working together to see how many times you can push your body up and back down again.

We will use dome cones for this test. You’re going to go down and tap your chest to the dome and come back up. The dome cone is going to be on the black line. Like the curl test, you will have somebody counting on you who will help you remember your score. 

Anytime you make a mistake, they will put a one down on the ground to let you know you have one mistake. Anytime you make two mistakes, they will put the two down, and then you need to stop because your test is over after two mistakes. 

So please make sure if you’re counting that you remember your partner’s score and that it’s not your job to try to get them out. You’re just trying to help them see the mistakes. 

When taking the test, if you see that you made two mistakes, you can stop, listen to the number and remember your score. For example, if you make your second mistake on eight, your score is seven because you did not complete eight push-ups. If you make your second mistake on 12, your score is 11 because you did not complete 11 push-ups. 

So you listen to the number and subtract one each time. You will want to come to the black line while taking the test. You’re going to want to line up, and you’ll put one knee down on the ground. 

You want to put one knee down on the ground instead of getting in push-up position because if you’re in a push-up position, you will be using your strength and getting tired. 

So get in that ready position, one knee down, two hands on the line. When the CD starts, you will go up and get a ready position. It’s going to say down and up. 

We will now begin the push-up test. Ready? Begin. Down, up. One, down, up. If you go down and touch the cone with your chest, that is the correct push-up. 

Before we get started, let’s talk about some common mistakes you must watch out for when you’re doing the push-up test. Remember, friends, if you’re a counter, it is not your job to try to get them out when you’re accounting for them. Instead, it’s your job to help them see their mistakes. 

You can stop if you’re taking the test and already know you have two mistakes. However, there’s no reason to keep going if you already have two mistakes because your test is over once you make two mistakes. 

All right, friends, that is how you do the push-up test. I hope that was helpful; remember, this is just information for you. All you’re doing is seeing how strong you are; that will let you set goals for yourself and try to improve in the future to become a better version of yourself. 

Once you finish your push-up test, please sit quietly, and wait until everybody’s done. Your teacher will collect the scores, and then you will switch places with your partner.

Do your best, and forget the rest. Please listen to your teacher, and good luck with your push-up test.

George N.