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Confidence Obstacle Course Construction and Safety


The following paragraphs discuss course sketches that describe in detail CFOC construction and safety requirements.


  • The following course sketches supplement the Department of the Army Engineer Drawings 28-13-95, Confidence Course Layout Plan. 
  • They serve as the minimum construction/safety standards for CFOCs.
  • Criteria for safety and structural inspections are specified in the obstacle risk assessment and according to the material manufacturer’s directions.
  • Re-inspection must include a review of the risk assessment, an analysis and assessment of accidents/injuries sustained since the obstacle was put into (or back into) service, following repairs, major renovations, or modifications.

Key Safety Precautions for CFOCs:

  1. Pre-use Inspection: Verify structural soundness and safety devices before use.
  2. Risk Assessment: Update risk assessments daily, adjusting for changes in conditions.
  3. Instructor Certification: Instructors should undergo proper training and certification before overseeing any course.
  4. Exercise Protocols: Conduct preparation exercises before and recovery exercises after course completion.
  5. Physical Training Limitation: Do not engage in muscle failure training 12 hours before the CFOC.
  6. Landing/Fall Area Maintenance: Regularly rake and refill these areas.
  7. Water Hazards: Fill puddles to avoid any misconceptions about the obstacle’s depth or safety.
  8. Weather Consideration: Modify or delay training if obstacles are hazardous due to weather.
  9. Instructor-Led Demonstrations: Before allowing Soldiers to attempt, instructors should showcase correct obstacle navigation.
  10. Clear Signage: Install signs at every obstacle, detailing the correct negotiation procedure.
  11. Maintenance & Inspection Log: For each CFOC, maintain a log that contains:
  • A comprehensive checklist for course and obstacle scrutiny.
  • Records of all inspections and noted deficiencies.
  • A list of unaddressed issues with their corresponding countermeasures.

Obstacle List:

  1. Tough One
  2. Slide for Life
  3. Confidence Climb
  4. Skyscraper
  5. Belly Robber
  6. Tarzan
  7. Low Belly Over
  8. Dirty Name
  9. Tough Nut
  10. Belly Crawl
  11. Inclining Wall
  12. High Step Over
  13. Swing, Stop, and Jump
  14. Six Vaults
  15. Easy Balancer
  16. Belly Buster
  17. Low Wire
  18. Hip-Hip
  19. Reverse Climb
  20. Weaver
  21. Balancing Logs
  22. Island Hopper

Safety Equipment:

  • Ensure procuring of nets, pads, and ground covering from trusted vendors.
  • Frequently inspect and test equipment, and replace it before potential failure or degradation.

Figures E-13 to E-34

  • These figures visually represent the variety of obstacle constructions currently in use, offering a comprehensive understanding of the different challenges posed to soldiers.

  • Ensuring the safety and structural integrity of CFOCs is paramount. 
  • Every procedure, from obstacle negotiation to training, should emphasize the well-being and security of the soldiers. 
  • Proper documentation, inspections, and precautions must be consistently upheld.

Figure E-13. Tough one (course sketch)

Figure E-14. Slide for life (course sketch)

Figure E-15. Confidence climb (course sketch)

Figure E-16. Skyscraper (course sketch)

Figure E-17. Belly robber (course sketch)

Figure E-18. Tarzan (course sketch)

Figure E-19. Low belly over (course sketch)

Figure E-20. Dirty name (course sketch)

Figure E-21. Tough nut (course sketch)

Figure E-22. Belly crawl (course sketch)

Figure E-23. Inclining wall (course sketch)

Figure E-24. High step over (course sketch)

Figure E-25. Swing, stop, and jump (course sketch)

Figure E-26. Six vaults (course sketch)

Figure E-27. Easy balancer (course sketch)

Figure E-28. Belly buster (course sketch)

Figure E-29. Low wire (course sketch)

Figure E-30. Hip-hip (course sketch)

Figure E-31. Reverse climb (course sketch)

Figure E-32. Weaver (course sketch)

 Figure E-33. Balancing logs (course sketch)

Figure E-34. Island hopper (course sketch)

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