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Navy PRT Treadmill Standards

Navy PR Treadmill Instructions

The Navy treadmill must have a motor-driven running surface belt with an emergency stop button, an adjustable speed displayed in miles per hour, an inclination adjustment, and an odometer that accurately measures distance traveled in miles.

The following procedures are provided to conduct the NavyPRT on an approved treadmill successfully:

  1. The sailor will stand on the belt with the treadmill inclination set at 1.0 percent. Neither the treadmill belt nor the stopwatch is running.

  2. The CFL or ACFL will signal to start, and the sailor will start the treadmill at the desired speed.

    The sailor is required to step onto the belt as soon as it starts moving, i.e., not wait until the belt has reached its programmed speed. As soon as the belt moves, the CFL or ACFL will start the official time using a stopwatch.

  3. CFL/ACFL will announce the start and call time within two-minute intervals until the sailor has traveled 1.5 miles.

  4. Treadmill speed may be adjusted to the sailor’s comfort anytime during the test.

  5. A sailor may momentarily touch the treadmill’s safety bar with
    fingertips or open palm for safety to recover balance.

    However, sailors may not grab or hold onto the bar for any reason other than to regain balance.

  6. Sailors can pause the treadmill to retie a shoelace briefly. No distance shall be counted towards the sailor’s score during the pause.

    The stopwatch, however, will continue to run.

  7. Time is recorded with a stopwatch to the nearest second.

    Although most treadmills are equipped with an accurate time display, only the time recorded by the stopwatch will be used for official scoring. This is done to account for the time during a pause.

The Navy Treadmill event is ended when the sailor:

  • Completes 1.5 miles.
  • Stops running or walking other than to retie shoelaces or remove a foreign object from their shoe (for safety purposes). If this should occur, the sailor must pause the machine.
  • Supports body weight by holding onto or leaning against the treadmill support bar, other than to regain balance momentarily.
  • Changes the treadmill inclination from 1.0.
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