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Running (Army PRT)

Running serves a fundamental purpose in soldier training: to improve their overall physical conditioning, primarily focusing on endurance development. Aerobic vs. anaerobic endurance Endurance, a vital aspect of a soldier’s physical fitness, spans a spectrum: 1. Aerobic Endurance 2. Anaerobic Endurance Holistic endurance training A comprehensive endurance training regimen is essential to ensure that soldiers …

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Reconditioning in Army PRT 2023

RECONDITIONING Injuries, illnesses, and other medical setbacks pose challenges to the military’s readiness. It’s crucial for leaders to understand and manage injury risks while conducting rigorous training.  INJURIES EXPLAINED Focus on Musculoskeletal Conditions:  These injuries are most impacted by proper PRT practices. Note: According to the DoD Injury Surveillance and Prevention Work Group, injuries are …

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Climbing Drills Exercises 2023

Climbing drills offer a broad range of pulling exercises to enhance soldiers’ upper-body strength and endurance. Role of Spotters: Climbing Drills (CL) Explained: Objective:  Key Components: Program Integration:  Training Sessions:  Training Setup: Area:  Uniform:  Equipment Details: Spotting Techniques: Usage Requirement:  Spotting the Straight-Arm Pull, Pull-Up, and Alternating Grip Pull-Up Front Spotter Position and Role: Rear …

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Exercise Drills 2023

Objective:  Reference: A visual representation of this concept can be found in the section titled Overview of Strength and Mobility Drills and Activities. Integration into PRT Programs Overview of Strength and Mobility Drills and Activities Conditioning Drill 1 (CD 1) Conditioning Drill 2 (CD 2) Conditioning Drill 3 (CD 3) Push-up and Sit-up Drill (PSD) …

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Reverse Lunges (Rare) Exercises 2023

The rear lunge exercises, commonly referred to as the reverse lunges, are foundational leg exercises incorporated into many workout regimes. This exercise not only helps in building muscle but also improves balance and coordination, making it a vital component in many fitness routines. Army Recovery Drill Rear Lunges The rear lunge is the second exercise …

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Guerrilla Drill (GD) Exercises 2023

The Guerrilla Drill (GD) is a functional and intense exercise routine designed to build agility, strength, coordination, and teamwork.  It’s focused on developing a soldier’s combat readiness by simulating real-world physical challenges they might face.  Guerrilla Drill The Guerrilla Drill has three exercises: Conducting: The GD is conducted in the sustaining phase and encompasses three …

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Cold Injuries | PT Weather Chart & Uniform Regulations

The Army Physical Training (PT) weather chart provides guidelines on conducting outdoor physical training in various weather conditions to ensure the safety and well-being of soldiers.  Typically, this kind of weather chart categorizes conditions into different flags or colors, each representing a level of risk.  Army Weather Chart for Physical Activity Some general guidelines from …

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Shoulder Stability Drill Exercises 2023

Shoulder stability is essential to overall upper body strength, as it supports the efficient and safe movement of your arms and shoulders.  The shoulder stability drill effectively promotes joint stability and muscular strength while reducing the risk of injury in the shoulder area.  The Army PRT Shoulder Stability Drill (SSD) is an essential component of the Army Physical …

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Recovery Drill Exercises | 8 Cool Down Stretches 2023

The Recovery Drill is a set of stretching exercises in the Army Physical Readiness Training designed to improve a soldier’s flexibility and facilitate muscle recovery after physical activities. The recovery exercises offer extensive movements that emphasize structural strength, stability, flexibility, and mobility. The drill includes various positions, such as: These positions are supported by either one or …

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