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COMPONENTS The PRT System incorporates the three components of training shown in Figure 2-2. Figure 2-2. Components of PRT STRENGTH Strength is the ability to overcome resistance. Strength runs a continuum between two subcomponents: absolute muscular strength (the capacity of a muscle/muscle group to exert a force against a maximal resistance) and muscular endurance (the …

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Army PRT Phases

Commanders often grapple with the task of training soldiers of varying physical abilities.  PHASES (the Four PRT Phases) Initial Conditioning Phase Toughening Phase Sustaining Phase Reconditioning Core Components of PRT Training 1. Training Types: 2. Fundamental Elements: 3. Key Principles: INITIAL CONDITIONING PHASE Objective:  Target Audience: Training Timing:  Key Features: TOUGHENING PHASE Objective:  Training Elements: …

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Army PRT System 2023

Army physical readiness is defined as the capability to meet the physical demands of any combat or duty position, accomplish the mission, and continue to fight and win. Goal: The primary objective of the Army Physical Fitness Training Program is to cultivate Soldiers who are physically capable and ready to execute their duty assignments or …

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APFT Or Unit PRT Goal Failure**

When Soldiers fail to meet APFT standards or unit goals, leaders should consider many factors that may contribute to these failures, including: TIME IN TRAINING The Soldier who is fresh out of IMT may have a level of physical performance below the minimum threshold of his gaining unit. He may be a borderline APFT performer …

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Shoulder Stability Drill Exercises 2023

Shoulder stability is essential to overall upper body strength, as it supports the efficient and safe movement of your arms and shoulders.  The shoulder stability drill effectively promotes joint stability and muscular strength while reducing the risk of injury in the shoulder area.  The Army PRT Shoulder Stability Drill (SSD) is an essential component of the Army Physical …

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Conditioning Drill 2 Exercises | Army CD2 in 2023

Conditioning drill 2 consists of five advanced exercises that require more complex plyometric and bilateral movement skills while challenging the components of strength, endurance, and mobility. Army Conditioning Drill 2 Exercises Army Conditioning Drill 2 has five exercises: Conditioning Drill 2 Exercises are conducted at a slow (turn and lunge, supine bicycle, and swimmer) or …

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Military Movement Drill 1 (MMD 1) Exercises 2023

Army MMD 1, Military Movement Drill 1, is a series of dynamic exercises specifically designed as part of the military’s Physical Readiness Training (PRT). Purpose of Army MMD1 in the toughening phase: Military Movement Drill 1 Implementation: MMD1 Location Considerations: Formation: Military Movement Drill 1 Exercises Military movement drill 1 consists of exercises performed at 25-yard intervals: …

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Cold Injuries | PT Weather Chart & Uniform Regulations

The Army Physical Training (PT) weather chart provides guidelines on conducting outdoor physical training in various weather conditions to ensure the safety and well-being of soldiers.  Typically, this kind of weather chart categorizes conditions into different flags or colors, each representing a level of risk.  Army Weather Chart for Physical Activity Some general guidelines from …

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4 For The Core Exercises 2023

4 For The Core is a specialized Army PRT drill that tests a soldier’s core muscles’ stability, strength, and endurance. Army 4 for the Core Exercises The following are the Army four for the core exercises: Understanding the Core and its Importance Implementation of the “4 For The Core” Routine (4C) Commands for 4C Exercises  Exercises 1 and 3 (Bent leg raise and Back bridge) …

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