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Wondercore 2 Reviews 2023

Thane UK is a home shopping channel with a passion for innovation. They are a global company that bring home, beauty and fitness products to families including the Wondercore range.

The original Wondercore Smart received great reviews and proved to be very popular. The Wondercore 2 is Thane’s second generation abs sculpture system and its 12-in-1, core workout machine targets your entire abdomen. However, it’s updated additions bring it close to being a home multi gym.  New features include a swivelling seat that provides an extended range reaching beyond 180 degrees and a built-in rowing system which promises an upper body and cardio workout.

As well as your core muscles, The Wondercore 2 reports that it allows you to work out shoulders, triceps, biceps, chest, back, calves and more.



 The Wondercore 2 weighs 11kg and has a maximum user weight of 120kg. Its frame is made from a durable steel construction and it has thick foam padding on the back support. The overall size is height 25cm, width 85cm and depth 33cm. However, it does fold away for easy storage.


The design includes an ergonomic back rest with thick foam cushioning that supports both your neck and head increasing comfort. It also has a dual resistance design which means your muscles are working when you come up for a crunch and when you lie back.

It also incorporates a resistance bands rowing system. This can be used in two positions, either in front of behind you meaning you can give your upper body a workout too including your triceps, biceps and shoulders.

In addition, the Wondercore 2 has a twisting seat and a full 180 degree range which allows you to isolate and target upper, middle and lower abdomen muscles as well as targeting your obliques, giving you a total core workout.

Furthermore, there are a few additional items included for free. When buying a Wondercore 2, you also receive a nutrition guide, a 7 day meal plan, a training and exercise guide, a 10 minute ab toning guide plus a workout DVD.


The Wondercore 2 comes with a 2 year guarantee (1 year for the materials).


  • Great range of exercises
  • Instructions provided in writing, images and in video
  • Good quality
  • Folds away for easy storage
  • Easy assembly


  •  Size is small for those over 6 foot
  • Not as comprehensive as a full multi gym

Customer Reviews

The Wondercore 2 has received very positive reviews. People have seen results within a few weeks, stating that they have flatter stomach and improved abdominal muscles. Reviewers have commented that they can really feel the workout that it gives.

However, a few others felt that it wasn’t enough of a workout for them. They were disappointed that the resistance in the spring when sitting back was not adjustable and wasn’t strong enough for them. Occasionally, reviewers felt there wasn’t enough resistance in the pulley system.

There are many people though who have found it offers ample workout and it has aided their weight loss with some reporting that they have lost dress sizes.

Most people have found it easy to put together and to fold away when not in use and have enjoyed working out whilst watching the TV.

George N.