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Wonder Core Smart Reviews 2023

Wonder core review: Forget the gym, get fit and toned in the comfort of your home

Wonder Core Smart exercise machine is a replacement for the original product, Wonder Core, launched earlier. The new machine is compact and has smart functions that make it much more effective than the earlier larger sized product. Touted by celebrity trainer and fitness expert Julie Weisman, Wonder Core Smart provides the ultimate method to tone your core and ab muscles.

According to the manufacturer, it is a fitness device that you cannot be without, if you are a fitness enthusiast. It helps to get you in shape with its padded seat flanked by resistance springs. The machine is capable of performing 8 different exercises and cardio exercises too.   Here is a review of the product in detail, so you can know if it is as effective as shown on TV.

Outstanding features of Wonder Core Smart

Wonder Core Smart is an As Seen On TV product that is an excellent fitness tool to gain shredded abs and strong core.  The fitness system is apt for those who want to get fit and toned. The equipment focuses on the core muscles in the lower, middle and upper abs providing a comprehensive workout to your body. Here are some of the important features of the product:

  • The product dimensions include 20.5 inches x 21.6 inches x 15 inches. The product weighs around 15 pounds.
  • The design delivers total toning of muscles and impressive cardio workout in a single compact device.
  • The size is very compact and can be carried around wherever you go because of its light weight.
  • Wonder core design aims at targeting a diverse group of muscles including biceps, triceps, forearms, calves, gluts, thighs, oblique muscles and the middle, lower and upper abs.
  • The product package includes a fitness guide and exercise DVD.
  • The effective home exercise equipment is fully assembled and is ready to use.
  • The product has dual resistance feature which can be adjusted according to your fitness needs.

Excellent construction

Wonder Core Smart exercise equipment is very effective mainly because of its simple design. The machine is made of a two moving arms padded for comfort, and a seat. The arms are controlled by springs placed in the interior. A knob present on the side allows changing the resistance provided.

The system provides resistance via loaded springs that deliver resistance ranging from 24 pounds to 48 pounds. You can graduate from a low resistance to higher level over time. The device also provides variation in the ab circuit. Thus you can increase the intensity of your workouts. The springs in the device offer resistance that controls the wonder core device arms, and with the padded arms you can perform the workouts in comfort.

Some of the workouts that can be done effectively with Wonder Core Smart include Crunches, Bridge, Pushups, Scissor Kicks, Triceps, Biceps, Ab tucks and bicycling. You can choose any of these workouts and adjust resistance accordingly. You have to push down, pull up, recline or sit on the resistance arms based on the workout you choose to do. The DVD and guide provided will help you learn the knack of doing the exercises in the right way. By using the fitness system routinely, the manufacturers claim it is easy to gain a 6 pack ab.

The product package also includes a nutrition guide to ensure you follow the right diet that enhances the results you get from exercising with Wonder Core Smart system.

Manufacturer info and warranty

Wonder Core Smart fitness system is manufactured in Wallingford, Connecticut. The company provides good customer support. Any queries regarding the product can be addressed via phone or through their website customer service at

The product is provided with a money back warranty period of 60 days.  If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it and get a refund minus the shipping and handling charges and the cost of return postage, within the stipulated time span. The payment can be done in installments as five payments or in full. On full payment done upfront, the company provides a warranty period of 3 years. The phone number for customer support is 1-800-353-4272

Why you should buy Wonder Core Smart

  • It does not require any assembling of parts. The product can be used as soon as you unbox it.
  • Beginners will find it easy to use.
  • People who cannot use larger gym quality equipment due to space constraints will find the compact size of wonder core smart very convenient. It can easily fit in small places.
  • Storage is easy with the foldable design. You can just fold it and store it under the bed or in your closet.
  • The DVD accessory provided helps beginners to grasp the proper way to workout
  • The nutrition guide is very useful to control the food habits, which is important for any fitness routine
  • The device is designed to support lower back region, hence is suitable for those with neck and back problems.
  • Three year warranty span is a big advantage when compared to competitor fitness equipment

Why Wonder Core Smart is not for you

  • All exercises that the device helps you to do can be easily done without the machine.
  • Diet plan provided lacks depth and fails to prove effective in weight loss.
  • The compact size is unsuitable for individuals of bigger frame as they would not fit in it.
  • People who weigh over 250 pounds will not be able to use the machine.
  • The material used for making the device is not of good quality
  • The adjustable dial for resistance does not function properly
  • The 35 minute workouts that the manufacturer claims for core exercises is a complete waste of time as more can be achieved with high intensity interval training in lesser time.

Customer Reviews

Customers who have used the Wonder Core Smart fitness equipment find it quite effective in toning their stomach and thigh muscles in a few weeks. The compact size and ability to exercise at home is a considerable advantage many users like about the product.

However for those who are already fit and want to maintain their fitness or need a more intense workout, this product is not the ideal choice. Some users have complained about the resistance knob being ineffective.

Some users have also found the split bar a bit uncomfortable to use. And for users who are over 250 pounds, some other option has to be chosen. And in addition to being above the weight limit those of larger size will also find the equipment tricky to exercise in. However seniors will find the product useful as it is convenient and easy to use.

Bottom line

While attaining 6 pack abs is something that every fitness enthusiast loves to achieve not all machines that promise this work as effectively.  While the Wonder Core Smart exercise tool is appropriate for getting you in shape, when you follow the guidelines on exercise routine and diet, you need to be able to use it as recommended. Given the compact nature of the product, it can be subject to much abuse or wear, so it is best to take advantage of the 3 year warranty by opting out of the installment option and paying in full.

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