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Sit N Cycle Reviews 2023

Sit n cycle review: An effective at home fitness solution                              

Sit N Cycle is a fitness product that belongs to, ‘As Seen on TV’ segment. Endorsed by Dorothy Hamill, the Olympic Gold Medalist, the product is made by Smooth Fitness. The brand aims at providing innovative and top quality fitness equipment. Based originally in Philadelphia, the company has several fitness products that are popular in the market now including ellipticals, treadmills and exercise bikes.

Sit N Cycle is one of the exercise bikes launched by the company. It focuses on providing a low impact and effortless form of exercise that keep you fit and healthy. It is aimed at active senior citizens and Baby Boomers. The slow movements reduce the stress on knees making the fitness bike ideal for seniors.  The fitness bike does not include handles and its pedal resistance is adjustable. This design induces an active sitting state wherein the lower half of the body is active pedaling as you watch TV, read, surf the net or talk with your friend on your mobile phone.

Important specifications of Sit n Cycle

Sit n Cycle is designed innovatively to deliver aerobic exercise for a long span with low resistance. Ideal for use at home or office, the device helps burn calories as you continue with your routine activities, which require sitting for a long span of time including watching TV, browsing the net or reading your favorite book.

The maximum weight allowed for the bike is 300 pounds.  The unit weighs 26.5 pounds and its dimensions include 24 inches in length, 17 inches in width and 30 inches in height.

Other specifications include

  • The space saving design of the equipment occupies only 6’x6’ area in  a room.
  • It does not need electricity for operation.
  • Has a seat of extra width for added comfort
  • Pedals are provided with firm non slip grip preventing any accidental slips.
  • The equipment has wheels, which can be used to move it to any place you want.
  • It is made of commercial grade material.
  • Can burn over 500 calories per hour based on the exercise intensity.
  • It is ideal for all ages and all energy levels.
  • Has manufacturer warranty of 90 days.

Construction design

Sit n Cycle consists of a padded seat of extra width for sitting and pedal resistance, which is adjustable using a knob that has 8 adjustable levels with 1 as the lowest resistance and 8 offering the highest resistance. The manufacturer recommends beginning from the lowest resistance level and gradually moving up for a more comfortable experience.

The exercise bike has inbuilt wheels to help move it wherever you need it.  The bike is easy to use. You have to just set the resistance level by turning the knob, adjust the seat height and lock it in position, mount on the seat and keep your feet on the pedals and begin pedaling, which can be done backwards or forwards.

Best daily exercise equipment

Sit n Cycle offers an easy but effective way to exercise, even if you lead a busy life without time to involve in physical exercise. The exercise bike is ideal for people who find it hard to exercise due to physical ailments, insufficient energy or a busy schedule. For people who are unable to keep up their regular exercise routine or have no time to frequent the gym, Sit N Cycle is a good choice.

The bike lets you burn calories all through the day without having to exert too much. Regardless of the fitness level you are in the bike helps to reduce weight and get fit while you go on with our daily activities like watching TV, indulging in a sedentary hobby like knitting or book reading or web surfing.

Safe exercise solution

Sit N Cycle is made of a sturdy base with comfortable padded seat. It is ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable and pain free exercise option. Getting on the bike or down from it is easy. Setting the resistance level is made easy by the adjustment knob. Since it is light in weight, it can be used outdoors or indoors in any type of weather and it is convenient to store it. When compared to riding a bike in traffic, this is a safe option.

Whole body workout

The device improves circulation by increasing heart rate and tones up your body. It engages the core muscles as you pedal resulting in better posture and stronger back.

Where is Sit N Cycle manufactured?

Sit N Cycle is made by Smooth Fitness brand which is based in Taiwan. The company also operates branches in other parts of the world including the US where it is based at Wallingford, Connecticut. The company is committed to delivering the best quality products and exemplary customer service. For customers who have queries or complaints about the product the manufacturer can be contacted via email at [email protected] or via phone by calling the toll Free number: 855-663-5643

Warranty period

The fitness bike comes with a one year warranty period for the frame and parts. The product is available on a risk free home trial offer of 30 days. Customers satisfied with the product can pay the amount in low monthly installments and the shipping charges are not included. If on the other hand, you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it and the trial fee will be refunded.

Advantages of Sit N Cycle

  • It is light in weight, so can be easily moved to anyplace and also stored away as easily
  • Has 8 resistance levels enabling adjusting difficulty level
  • Seat height can be adjusted according to individual height
  • Bike does not require electricity
  • Operates smoothly and without any noise
  • Easy to assemble
  • Design is sleek

Disadvantages of Sit N Cycle

  • You need to get down from the bike to adjust the resistance
  • It is not ideal for those who want to perform intense workouts
  • Lack of handlebars and back support makes it difficult to balance, and while getting on or off the bike
  • No accessories are provided
  • You have to pay more to buy the bike with tracker
  • Pedals and belt are not of good quality
  • Does not exercise the arms unlike the conventional exercise bikes
  • Price is expensive

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews for Sit N Cycle are mixed. While some customers are satisfied with its effectiveness and sturdy build, many users have mentioned that it is not an ideal fitness bike. The expensive price, low quality parts that fall apart and difficulty in returning the product are some of the reasons cited by users for the low customer rating.

With the product weighing about 34 pounds it is certainly not a light weight bike and cannot be as easy to move as is shown on the advertisement. The seat is not ideal for people with small frame, as it would make it difficult for them to get on or off the bike. So, it is not for everyone.

Bottom Line

While it is important that everyone should be conscious about their health and fitness, the real challenge lies in choosing the right fitness solution. Finding the right device that delivers results without being expensive is necessary. Sit N Cycle is an effective product that is compact and easy to use. The design in unique, but it has certain drawbacks such as, low quality belt and pedals. The manufacturer offers a 30 day trial term for free that you can use to ascertain its effectiveness, which is certainly a fair trade and one that you can try without wasting too much of your money.

George N.