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Simply Fit Board Review 2023: Does The Balance Board Work?

Simply fit board review: The cool way to tone your body

Simply Fit Board, a fitness device that promises stronger abs, leg, and core muscles is created by Linda Clark and her daughter Gloria Hoffman. They believed in the product’s efficacy and have proved that it is an active and popular product. It became popular when Shark Tank, the famous TV show introduced the product in 2015 hence called the shark tank exercise board. The product has since sold tremendously via several online and offline stores.  The mother-daughter duo had already sold over 16,000 Simply Fit Boards before they appeared on the popular show.

Simply Fit Board consists of a plastic device intended to exercise the core muscles of the body resulting in a stronger, toned and trim waist. It uses a balance board structure to improve the workout efficiency. Here is a detailed review of the product to give you the information you need, so you can decide whether it is the right choice for your fitness routine.

Simply Fit Board Specifications

Simply Fit Board provides an effective workout routine with its unique design and exercise movements. Here are the important specifications of the product:

  • The board is light in weight and portable, so storing it is easy.
  • It helps enhancing the muscles in legs, abs and other parts of the body
  • The maximum capacity that the board supports is 400 lbs.
  • The board provides a special twisting movement and pivoting action that engages and tones the full body.


The product measures 25.5 inches x 18 inches x ¾ inches. It weighs just 3 pounds. The light weight enables using the product for workouts at home or a gym. The compact size makes it a hassle free device to use. At home, when you are limited by space constraints, the board is perfect for keeping you fit and toned unlike a treadmill or other gym equipment that take up big chunks of space. The product package includes workout DVD and user guide.

Special features

The fitness board is made of special grade plastic that allows rocking backwards and forwards just like the usual balance board, and additionally it also lets you twist from one side to other. The surface of the board has handles for your hands. The surface is also constructed in a non-slip manner providing better grip for feet.

The board is available in 6 colors including green, magenta, orange, purple, black and blue. To ensure users benefit fully from the board, the manufacturer has provided easy 10 minute workout videos. The videos feature tutorials on the board usage, and also have easy workouts for adults and kids too.

According to the makers, the board can aid in weight loss and keep your body toned and fit. The workouts target abdominal fat and tone your legs enhancing balance and various other benefits.

DVD accessory

The unique Simply Fit board is vastly different from other regular fitness equipment you see in the market. This is the reason the makers have added a DVD detailing the workouts that can be done with the board and a user guide, so the learning curve is shortened as much as possible. With the two accessories, you can become adept at using the board in a safe and effective way. You will be able to gain more from the product as a result.

Enhanced effectiveness

The effectiveness is further improved, if you add hand weights while exercising. You can begin with low weights and move on to heavy weights once you are comfortable with balancing on the fit board with the weights in your hands.

Toning with twists

To maximize the workout results, you need to twist while bending your knee slightly. Since you use your core muscles to do this twisting movement, your core gets a good workout and is toned well.

Apt for all age groups

The Fit Board is constructed to fit people of any body type and age group. It is sturdy and can support nearly 400 pounds. Other than people with injury or health concerns, the board can be used by others to boost their workout sessions and get more out of the routine.

Easy to use

The main requirement of using the board is achieving the balance needed to do the workouts comfortably. The user guide recommends placing feet on outer edges evenly. The textured circular guides help you to achieve this alignment. It is best to anchor yourself to some stable object like a table or chair, when you use the board for the first time.  Use slow rocking movements sideways and back and forth initially, and once you balance well, the twisting movements can be started.

The workouts can be enhanced further with exercises including pushups, squats, planks and more included to the simple twist you do on the board.

Where is the Simply Fit Board manufactured?

Simply Fit Board is made at Lamar, Colorado by Gloria Hoffman and Linda Clark. The daughter and mother team came up with the concept of the board, which helps to lose weight fast. The device aims to lose weight with fun, effective and simple workouts. In a matter of two years, the board has turned into a hugely popular fitness board.

Warranty Period

The Simply Fit Board comes with a money back warranty of 60 days. Users who find any issues with the product’s working condition can return the product, provided it is done within 60 days of purchasing it. The company refunds the shipping and handling charges too.

Customer support

SimplyFit Board Company provides good support via email and phone. Customers can use the official website online to email their queries, or call the company at 719-336-3526 for assistance.

Advantages of Simply Fit Board

  • It is easy and fun to exercise on the board
  • The board is light in weight and portable
  • Easy to store
  • Tones muscles effectively and improves balance
  • Kids find it fun and it motivates them to workout
  • Beginners will find it easy to begin on a fitness session
  • Is easy to use anywhere
  • Cost is affordable
  • Low impact workouts that are not harsh on the joints can be done


  • The board is not of good quality and cracks up, if weight is over 180 pounds
  • Balancing is not easy and there is risk of injury while learning to balance
  • Individuals with minor back issues find the board difficult to use
  • Not much of a challenge for fairly fit users

Bottom Line:

Although balance workouts are effective in muscle strength and coordination with Simply Fit Board, the board does not measure up, when it comes to the price and the weight limit. Products like Isokinetics Delux and Sportime Duck Walker are cheaper but can be used, only if you weigh less than 300 pounds.

The Simple Fit Board however provides more value due to its higher weight capacity. Overall the board is good to build your stability and perk up your rehab programs.  The brightly colored boards are made of good quality plastic and are simple yet effective, if you are in search of a low impact exercise routine, but it is not an apt choice for intense workouts.

Customer reviews

Most of the customers who have used the board find it highly effective for their exercise routine. Its ease of use and good customer service are definite points in its favor. A few customers are not happy with the balancing board as the material is not as sturdy and cracks easily, and a few said they discontinued using it as they felt like they might slip.

George N.

Jack Aimers

Saturday 8th of April 2023

Trying to get a hold of customer service. The phone #719-336-3526 is not in service please update this on your website.

I have your simple fit board and received it as a birthday gift not even a year ago. My weight is 215 lbs and there is a stress crack right down the middle of it. The board can't be used any more. Please let me know how I can get this replaced.