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P90x Shoulders and Arms Workout 2023

The P90X Shoulders and Arms exercise is a workout plan that helps target the upper sections of our body, particularly the shoulders, and arms (biceps, triceps, and biceps).

The P90X Shoulders and Arms Workout exercise will help tone our upper body; it’s an effective home exercise you can do daily.

How to do the P90X Shoulders and Arms workout?

P90X Shoulders and Arms First Set:

  1. Alternating Shoulder Presses: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, hold weights at shoulder height, and alternate pressing them up overhead.
  2. In & Out Bicep Curls: Hold weights at your sides and curl them up, then out to the sides, and back down.
  3. Two Arm Tricep Kickbacks: Bend forward at the hips with a straight back, hold weights behind you, and extend your arms back.

P90X Shoulders and Arms Second Set:

  1. Deep Swimmer’s Presses: Hold weights at shoulder height and press them up overhead while simultaneously extending one leg back.
  2. Full Supination Concentration Curls: Sit with legs extended, curl weights up while twisting your wrists and squeezing your biceps.
  3. Chair Dips: Sit on a chair, grip the edge with your hands, and lower your body down and up.

P90X Shoulders and Arms Third Set:

  1. Upright Rows: Hold weights in front of your body and lift them up to your chin.
  2. Static Arm Curls: Hold weights at a 90-degree angle and curl them up and down without moving your arms.
  3. Flip-Grip Twist Kickbacks: Hold weights behind you, extend your arms back while twisting your wrists, and bring them back to your sides.

P90X Shoulders and Arms Fourth Set:

  1. Two Angle Shoulder Flys: Hold weights at your sides, lift them up to shoulder height, and then out to the sides.
  2. Crouching Cohen Curls: Hold weights at your sides and curl them up while squatting down.
  3. Lying Down Tricep Extensions: Lie on your back with weights above your head, bend at the elbows to lower the weights towards your forehead, and extend them back up.

P90X Shoulders and Arms Fifth Set:

  1. In & Out Straight Arm Flys: Hold weights in front of you, lift them up and out to the sides, then bring them back in.
  2. Congdon Curls: Stand with legs wide, hold weights at your sides, and curl them up.
  3. Side Tri-Rises: Lie on your side with your elbow on the ground and lift your body up and down using your tricep muscle.
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