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P90X AB Ripper X Exercise Workout 2023

P90X Ab Ripper X is a 15-minute workout focusing on strengthening the core muscles, including the abs, obliques, and lower back.  It’s done three times a week in conjunction with other P90X workouts.

P90X Ab Ripper X has several exercises:

Ab Ripper X Exercise

In and Outs: Pull your knees into your chest while seated with your legs straight, then extend your legs straight out again, keeping your abs engaged.

The easy option is to place your hands behind you, and then you will use them as balance, extend your legs out, and come back in and repeat for 25 reps.

The more advanced version will be to have your hands completely up, not holding your weight back.  It’s more challenging, but many of them will work. 

Ab Ripper X Exercise

Bicycles: Sit on the floor with your hands behind you, your feet flat, and your knees bent.  Lean back and lift your feet off the ground.  Alternately cycle your feet forward and backward, beginning with your right foot.

Again, the easier option is to place your hands behind you for balance; the more advanced version is to keep your arms up.  You will count one every time your left leg circles back around and complete 25 reps.

Ab Ripper X Exercise

Reverse Bicycles: It’s the same as the bicycle, but in reverse; you will cycle your feet in the opposite direction, complete 25 reps

Ab Ripper X Exercise

Crunchy Frog:

  • It’s similar to the in and out, except instead of using your arms to support you.
  • You will remove your arms with your feet 6 inches off the ground.
  • You will come in, almost hugging yourself. 
  • You will do 25 reps. 

Ab Ripper X Exercise

Wide-Leg Sit-Ups: Cross ankles and perform sit-ups, switch ankles, and repeat; then spread legs wide and repeat.

You will have your legs widely apart. You’re going to lay back. Once you lie back, your left arm will go behind your head. Your right arm is going to come straight up.

Make sure you don’t have a big arch when you come down. Try to levitate your hips up, not so much arching in your back. 

Again, your left arm will go on your head, and your right arm will go up. You will come completely up in a sit-up position when you first come up. The opposite arm will then come down to the opposite leg; you will do this for 12 reps per side.

Ab Ripper X Exercise

Fifer Scissors: While lying on your back with legs straight out, raise your shoulders and feet off the ground, then alternate scissoring legs.

  • When seated, you will lay back; again, watch the arch in your back. 
  • You will have one leg directly straight up.  Try to have it locked.
  • Your other leg will be 6 inches off the ground, and you will hold it for a bit. 
  • Do alternate the legs very fast; it will be a bit slower
  • Complete 24 total reps.

Ab Ripper X Exercise

Hip Rock ‘n Raise: While lying on your back, lift your legs straight up and rock your hips off the ground, engaging your abs and lower back.

This one is going to be awkward. All the exercises are uncomfortable, but this one is more so than the others; however, it will get easier. 

  • First, you will put the soles of your feet together and your knees in a butterfly position. 
  • And then you will lay your body back, again watching your arch. 
  • Have your hands at your side.
  • You will lift your butt off the ground using your abdominal muscles, remaining in a butterfly position. 
  • Complete 25 reps.

Ab Ripper X Exercise

Pulse-Ups (Heels to Heaven): While lying on your back with legs straight up, pulse hips up toward the ceiling.

  • You will lay back flat and bring your legs up, keeping them as straight and locked as possible with heels flexed.
  • The objective is to get your heels straight up, which will be to “heaven” with your hands on the side.
  • Return to the starting position and repeat for 25 reps.

Ab Ripper X Exercise

V-Ups Roll-Ups Combo: While lying on your back with arms and legs straight out, sit up and bring hands and feet together in a “V” position (a 45-degree angle to the ground.)

  • This one is more difficult. As I said, some of these will initially feel awkward, but with every one of these workouts, the more you do it, the more you’ll feel comfortable, and the more it will feel like second nature. 
  • You will lie completely flat on your back with your hands up over your head. When you come up, you will come up to a full sitting position and touch your toes. 
  • As you come back simultaneously when your back hits, you will be up, and then you’ll come back down. 
  • Every time your fingers touch your toes, that will count as one rep. Repeat for 25 reps.

Ab Ripper X Exercise

Oblique V-Ups: Similar to V-Ups, but twisting to bring one elbow to the opposite knee during each rep. (at a 30-degree angle)

  • For this exercise, you will need to get onto your side. 
  • You will bring your legs; instead of being straight, get them a little up. 
  • You will have your hand on your body when it is flat down, one arm behind your head. 
  • The objective is to come up. You can use your elbow for strength and stability. 
  • And you’ll bring your legs up, elbow to knee. You’ll come back down.
  • Repeat for 25 reps, turn over, and repeat the same move lying on your left side.

Ab Ripper X Exercise

Leg Climbs: While lying on your back with your legs straight up, reach up to touch your toes with your hands, then lower one leg down toward the ground at a time.

  • You will keep one foot bent and one leg straight. 
  • Keep the ankle flexed and the knee locked out, and you will do only 12 reps on each side. 
  • The objective is to touch your toes. These are called “leg climbs.”
  • The easier option is to climb until you touch your toes and then back down. 
  • The intermediate option would be to do one arm grab and one leg grab.
  • Then the more advanced level will be to come straight up, touch your toe, and come back down. 
  • Do 12 reps, and switch sides with your left leg raised.

Ab Ripper X Exercise

Mason Twist: While seated with your legs bent and feet off the ground, twist from side to side, touching your hands to the ground on each side.

  • You will get your feet about 6 inches off the ground and twist your body. 
  • To engage your core better, keep your neck with your body.   Instead of keeping it entirely straight, it limits your mobility. 
  • Do 40 rotations in each direction.

Those are the 10 P90x Ab Ripper X workouts.

What are the benefits of P90x Ab Ripper X workouts?

P90x Ab Ripper X strengthens the abdominal muscles, improving overall stability and balance and reducing the risk of injury. A strong core can also enhance athletic performance and facilitate daily tasks.

What muscles are worked in the P90x Ab Ripper X workout? 

Rectus abdominis, obliques, transverse abdominis, and lower back muscles

What exercises are in the P90X Ab Ripper X exercise workout?

All the exercises involved are the ins and outs, bicycles, reverse bicycles, crunchy frogs, cross-leg/wide-leg sit-ups, Fifer scissors, hip rock ‘n’ raises, pulse ups, V-ups, oblique V-ups, leg climbs, mason twists, plank variations.

What are the advantages of P90x Ab Ripper X workouts?

  • It has a wide range of exercises working on different areas of the abdominal muscles.
  • It’s time-efficient, the workouts are relatively short (around 15 minutes), 
  • The ab ripper X can be done at home with minimal equipment, saving time and money.
  • You can combine Ab Ripper X exercises with other P90X workouts, providing a well-rounded fitness routine.

What are the Disadvantages of P90x Ab Ripper X workouts?

  • The exercises in P90x Ab Ripper X may not be beginner-friendly for those just starting.
  • P90x Ab Ripper X workouts might not be effective for everyone, and they may not get the desired results.
  • There is a risk of injury if proper form or technique is not used.

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