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Maxi Climber Reviews 2023

MaxiClimber Review: Get toned and fit without expensive gym equipment

MaxiClimber belongs to exercise-at-home fitness equipment category of MaxiClimber brand of Innoventions International. It is a popular vertical climber renowned for its ergonomic and compact design.  The company is committed to offering its customers with the friendliest customer support and service, and top notch products.

Maxi Climber is an acclaimed vertical climber that makes workouts easy and successful. Belonging to stair stepper fitness type of equipment, the Maxi Climber provides more benefits than the standard stair stepper. Since it needs the user to do forceful movements like push, pull and extending arms to reach out, the fitness turns into a very challenging workout.

The design is unique and differs from the regular stair steppers you see in the market. Instead of appearing like you are climbing stairs, the equipment makes it appear like you are using a ladder for climbing. Let us see more about the product, its effectiveness and drawbacks in this detailed review, so you can decide on whether it is an apt addition for your fitness routine.

Maxi Climber specifications

MaxiClimber is a type of fitness equipment that mimics rock climbing movements ensuring you strengthen and tone your muscles. The product dimensions include 57 inches X 10 inches X 6 inches. It weighs 33 pounds. The equipment is designed to support a maximum of 240 pounds.  Other important specifications of the product include

Ergonomic design

The MaxiClimber is designed specifically to suit different body types. It features sturdy and ergonomic design aspects that make it comfortable to use the equipment and gain the benefits it offers.

Height flexibility

It is easy to adjust Maxi Climber according to your height. This makes it convenient to use by people of all sizes and shapes. Height adjustment is important for the Maxi Climber to work perfectly as you can gain the right posture only with the appropriate height. Too short measurements or measurements that are too long for your height can lead to injuries.

Firm grips

The non-stick isometric handle grips act as comfortable handles providing adequate cushioning for hands, while you climb the equipment. The risk of slipping or getting calluses from gripping the equipment is eliminated with the firm and cushioning isometric grips.

Foot Pedals

The foot pedals are compact and designed to provide a firmer grip for your shoes. The pedals are sized perfectly to support your forefoot. This provides proper posture and a more effective workout for you.

Foldable design

The entire unit can be folded to make it almost flat. This makes it easy to store it away when you are not using it.

Timer feature

The vertical climber is fitted with a workout timer. It is a mini sized counter designed to help monitor the amount of climbing and movement you have completed over a period. If you are particular about knowing how much physical activity you have done in a day, this timer would help in assessing your activity level adeptly.

Durable construction

Maxi Climber construction primarily includes durable steel, which is cold rolled for added strength. The entire vertical climber unit is sturdy and does not have any light weight metal or plastic components. With the machine base being constructed from heavy duty components the unit is built to last for a much longer span than the other cheaper competitor units you find in the market. Any vigorous movement you make is easily withstood by the sturdy climber.

If you tend to do intense workouts that emulate natural rock climbing movements the machine should be able to withstand the rigorous movements.  The Maxi Climber tends to slide only a bit when you do higher intensity workouts. At such times, ensuring there is sufficient space around the climber will help you continue with the workouts smoothly.

The handlebar attachment can be adjusted according to your height and body type, so the workout is more effective and safe. The handgrips added also enable gripping the machine with comfort while using it.

Where is Maxi Climber manufactured?

Maxi Climber is made and marketed by Innoventions International, LLC. The company is a Spanish sales television channel broadcasting in Puerto Rico and the United States. The company has an extensive range of products including accessories, apparel, computers, jewelry, health care, beauty, health, garden and home products, music, books, seasonal items and DVDs. The company is headquartered in Miami, Florida. The company also operates fulfillment units in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Los Angeles, and in Miami, Florida.

Product Warranty

Maxi Climber manufacturer provides a money back assurance of 30 days, which excludes the shipping and handling charges. For users who call customer support at (888) 433-9083 under 30 days of the Maxi Climber delivery, a return code of authorization is provided. Once they return the product, the money is reimbursed via credit card details you had provided during purchase. The address, name, email address and telephone number should be written on the package you return to enable a smooth refund process.

Advantages of buying MaxiClimber

  • The Maxi Climber focuses on all the big muscle groups present in the body. This helps you to obtain a comprehensive workout.
  • The Climber helps tone your muscles effectively making you fit and strong.
  • The climbing helps in building strength in your upper body. For those who want to be lean and fit, the equipment helps to strengthen core muscles and arms.
  • The machine is sturdily built in spite of being light in weight. It is not flimsy and can be used without worrying about whether it can handle your body weight, provided you are within the prescribed weight the machine can carry.
  • The price is not as expensive as gym grade machines. Some of the vertical climbers are very expensive to the tune of several thousand dollars, while this machine is under $200 only.
  • The machine is 99 percent pre-assembled. All you need to do is add some screws to it and it is ready to use.
  • The machine does not emit any noise, so you can work out without worrying about bothering others.
  • Maxi Climber design ensures you burn plenty of calories using it.
  • The design ensures you maintain good posture. With bad posture, the machine tends to wobble, so you will automatically assume the right posture, thus saving your health and preventing any mishaps at the same time.
  • The unit is easy to fold and store.

Disadvantages of using MaxiClimber

  • The unit does not come with resistance adjustment. If you want to make your workout sessions more challenging, you can lengthen the steps.
  • It is difficult to use the equipment without wearing shoes due to the studs in the foot pedals. These projections are present to grip the shoes firmly hence you cannot climb on it with your bare feet.
  • Because of its light weight body, it is not recommended to climb fast, as despite its sturdiness it can wobble.

Bottom Line

While the Maxi Climber has several beneficial features including adjustable height settings, quiet operation, top quality construction and easy to use design, it is not ideal for those who want an intensive rock or wall climbing exercise. Beginners will also find it hard to use the machine, as they will tire easily with the intense workout the machine provides. However it is the ideal choice for persons who are relatively fit, so they can handle the intense activity and enhance their fitness levels.

Customer reviews

With a good warranty, excellent features and effective design, Maxi Climber has received overall good reviews from users. But some users point out the defects in the equipment too. While it is a great substitute for expensive gym quality equipment and is compact in size, many users find it difficult to get used to initially. The climbing is a bit tricky to adjust to but after you get used to the proper posture it becomes easier. The 240 pounds weight limit is a sore point for those who are above the limit but want to lose weight and strengthen their body. Since it needs about 8 feet of vertical height is it not apt for low height basements, sheds and rooms.

George N.

Jacquelyn Hooker

Monday 5th of June 2023

The experience with Maxiclimber has been a nightmare. I ordered the Maxclimber XL on 4/18/23 and the company said I would receive it in 2-3 weeks. Unfortunately that did not happen. When I spoke with one of their customer service representatives he was very very rude. I requested to speak to a supervisor or manager he refused and told me that there is nothing I could do or anyone else I could contact to remedy this problem. I told him did not know what I could do or who I knew above him that I could contact. Finally he said he would schedule a call back from a manager which never happened. After numerous phone calls to 866-395-1045 and expressing my dissatisfaction I finally got a representative that knew the role of customer service and the importance of delivering good customer service to their bottom line. after 6 weeks of waiting I received the tool kit in the mail on 5/29/23. Again I tried to assemble it and the petal straps were missing. I called again and was disconnected 3 times finally spoke to another representative who said she would forward my calls to her supervisor and send out the straps. She was very empathic and customer focused. Other than the delivery, missing parts, and poor customer service, I guess the equipment is a good buy. I really can't say at this point. But once I receive all the parts to assemble the equipment where I can use it safely, I will post my review about the quality of the equipment.