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B Stance Hip Thrust 2023

Last but not least, we, of course, must remember the B stance hip thrust. So once again, you want to start with the bilateral stance first.

Both feet, roughly hip-width apart in front of you, pushed through both heels. As you extend your hips, keep your eyes forward, chest and ribs down.

If you want to make a B stance, you should take the heel of your working side foot and bring it closer to the center. It doesn’t have to be fully in the center, but slide it in a couple of inches.

And then, you will take the heels of your non-working side foot and screw it forward away from your body until the heels of your non-working side leg are roughly in line with the toes of your working side.

And now, you will push through primarily your working side heel, in this case, through your right side with a little bit of support from your left side.

You can do the B stance hip thrust with a weighted barbell or a dumbbell across your lap. Give it a try. I hope you like it.

B Stance RDL

You will start with your feet together as if you were doing a regular Romanian Deadlift (RDL) and your knees bent.

And then, you will put your mental focus on your right leg.
So you will think about your right leg and pressurize it.

And you will take your other foot and just put the toe of your left leg towards the heel of your right leg. The left leg can be closer to the left or further away. For most people, it’s right near the heel.

Both knees are bent. We’re only focusing on that front right leg. Abs are drawn in, and hips push back, so the movement is the hips are pushing back. When your hips push back, your torso comes forward.

So it’s because your hips push back that your torso comes forward. You’re not bending over. Instead, your hips move back until your torso comes forward, then rise to stand up and squeeze.

Keep the front knee bent and hip back; the dumbbells will move towards each other just in front of the chin of the leg in front, which will be your right leg.

You push into the heel of the front leg to stand up. This is about the front leg, hip back, dumbbells towards your chin, push into the heel, and stand up. That there is the B Stance RDL (Romanian Deadlift).

George N.