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From: FM 7-22 October 2012



The PRT System incorporates the three types of training shown in Figure 2-3.


Figure 2-3. Types of PRT



On-ground training includes activities in which Soldiers maintain contact with the ground. Activities such as marching, speed running, sustained running, calisthenics, and resistance training create a foundation for physical fitness and movement skills.


Off-ground training includes activities that take place off the ground briefly (jumping and landing) or while suspended above ground for longer periods (climbing bar and negotiation of high obstacles). Examples of jumping and landing exercises are high jumper, power jump, and verticals. Negotiation of high obstacles (reverse climb and cargo net) and exercises using the climbing pod (pull-up and leg tuck) require manipulation of the body and specific movement skills while suspended above ground.


This includes techniques that deter or defeat opponents using projectile (weapons), striking and/or close range (grappling). (See FM 3-25.150.)


From: FM 7-22 October 2012 

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