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From: FM 7-22 October 2012
Throwing may be from the kneeling or standing position. The object to be thrown is held in the throwing hand with the throwing arm is bent at the elbow. The hand is then moved to the rear until it is behind the ear. The body is turned so that the lead foot and balance (other) arm point toward the target. The balance arm is used to sight over and align the throwing hand with the target. When properly aligned, the elbow is move rapidly forward until it is at a point just in front of the body where the arm is straightened and the wrist “snapped.” This whip motion propels the object to the target. Underhand throws get momentum by the thrower bending his knees and swinging the throwing arm to the rear. As the knees are straightened, the arm is forcefully swung forward from the shoulder and the object is released.

From: FM 7-22 October 2012 

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Chapter 1 Approach
Chapter 2 System
Chapter 3 Leadership
Chapter 4 Types of Programs
Chapter 5 Planning Considerations
Chapter 6 Special Conditioning Programs
Chapter 7 Execution of Training
Chapter 8 Preparation and Recovery
Chapter 9 Strength and Mobility Activities
Chapter 10 Endurance and Mobility Activities
Appendix A Army Physical Fitness Test
Appendix B Climbing Bars
Appendix C Posture and Body Mechanics
Appendix D Environmental Considerations
Appendix E Obstacle Negotiation
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