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Confidence Obstacle Courses
From: FM 7-22 October 2012
Confidence obstacle courses challenge Soldiers’ strength, endurance, and mobility while instilling selfconfidence and promoting teamwork. Soldiers do not negotiate these obstacles at high speed or against time. Obstacles vary in difficulty. Some stand very high. Safety nets and crash pads are provided for these high obstacles. Soldiers may skip any obstacle they are unwilling to attempt. PRT leaders and AIs should encourage, but not force Soldiers to attempt every obstacle. Fearful Soldiers should be encouraged to negotiate the easier obstacles before attempting the higher more difficult ones. Some of the higher, more difficult obstacles may be negotiated as a group effort, with stronger Soldiers assisting those unable to negotiate the obstacles by themselves. Gradually, as their confidence and negotiation skills improve, the weaker Soldiers will be able to successfully negotiate all obstacles individually. PRT leaders and AIs should be available to assist Soldiers in proper obstacle negotiation throughout the course. At no time are PRT leaders or AIs to make obstacles more difficult by shaking ropes, rolling logs, and so forth. This practice destroys confidence and greatly jeopardizes safety. Confidence obstacle courses must be constructed according to Folio Number 1, “Training Facilities,” Corps of Engineers, Drawing number 28-13-95. Contact the installation Directorate of Public Works for blueprints. The Army’s standardized CFOC consists of 22 obstacles that are grouped into color-coded quadrants with five or six obstacles in each. Negotiation becomes more difficult beginning with the black quadrant followed by the blue quadrant, white quadrant, and red quadrant. All Soldiers begin CFOC negotiation in the black quadrant. Soldiers progress to the more difficult quadrants (blue, white, and red) when they become proficient and successfully negotiate obstacles in previous quadrants.

From: FM 7-22 October 2012 

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Appendix C Posture and Body Mechanics
Appendix D Environmental Considerations
Appendix E Obstacle Negotiation
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