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Running Activities
From: FM 7-22 October 2012


Running activities have different sets of commands. Sustained running begins when the PRT leader states, “double time, MARCH,” and terminates the run with the commands, “Quick Time, MARCH.” The PRT leader begins each repetition with the commands, “Ready, GO,” when conducting HR and the 300-yd SR.

When conducting 30:60s or 60:120s, the PRT leader begins the activity with slow jogging for ¼-mile on the commands of “Double Time, MARCH,” and terminates the ¼-mile run with the commands, “Quick Time, MARCH.” 30:60s and 60:120s begin with the PRT leader signaling the start of each work interval (30 or 60 seconds) with one short whistle blast. Two short whistle blasts are used to signal the end of each work interval and the start of the rest intervals (60 or 120 seconds). Upon completion of the scheduled number of repetitions of 30:60s or 60:120s, the PRT leader will command the formation to continue to walk for at least three minutes before performing additional activities or the RD. The PRT leader will use the same commands specified for the shuttle sprint in MMD1 when conducting the 300-yard SR. The only difference is that Soldiers will perform six 50-yard repetitions to complete 300 yards.


From: FM 7-22 October 2012 

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