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Alternate Aerobic Events
From: FM 7-22 October 2012
Alternate aerobic events assess the cardio respiratory and muscular endurance of Soldiers with permanent medical profiles, or long-term temporary profiles that cannot perform the 2-mile run. The alternate aerobic APFT events are the following:
  • 800-Yard-Swim Test.
  • 6.2-Mile Stationary-Cycle Ergometer Test.
  • 6.2-Mile Bicycle Test.
  • 2.5-Mile Walk Test.
Required scores for alternate aerobic events are recorded in Table A-1 .

 Table A-1. Alternate aerobic event standards

Soldiers on permanent physical profile are given a DA Form 3349. This form annotates exercises and activities suitable for the profiled Soldier. The form also stipulates the events and/or alternate aerobic event the Soldier will do on the APFT. The Soldier must perform all regular APFT events his profile permits. Each Soldier must score a minimum of 60 points on each regular event taken to PASS. The profiled Soldier must complete the alternate aerobic event in a time equal to or less than the one listed in Table A-1. The Soldier must receive a minimum passing score in the alternate event taken to PASS the test. Soldiers profiled for two or more events must take the two-mile run or an alternate aerobic event to PASS the test. Soldiers who cannot perform the 2-mile run or an alternate aerobic event cannot be tested. There is no point score annotated on the DA Form 705 for the performance of alternate aerobic events. These events are scored as a GO or NO GO.

Soldiers with temporary physical profiles must take a regular three event APFT after the profile has expired. Soldiers with temporary profiles of long duration (more than three months) may take an alternate aerobic event as determined by the commander with input from health-care personnel. Once the profile has been lifted, the Soldier must be given twice the length of the profile (not to exceed 90 days) to train for the regular three event APFT. If a regularly scheduled APFT occurs during the profile period, the Soldier should be given a mandatory make-up date for the APFT.


From: FM 7-22 October 2012 

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